Receiving invitations to sit on dates that are already booked with another sit

To @meow , @Kelownagurl and everyone else, I’m happy to report that the calendar on the app appears to be functioning correctly again. :smiley: :clap:


I read in a number of answers above that homeowners can see future sits on a calendar. I didn’t know that. That actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Anyone on this site can know when I will not be in my home. Is that right? That feels less than secure.

I guess I wouldn’t feel too insecure since the house won’t be empty and anyone who was lurking looking for empty homes would have a lot of work to do to determine where exactly the house was and when you’d be away. They’d also have to pay for a membership to see your listing so I’m sure there are easier ways to find actual empty homes?

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@SABrenner I’m assuming you are a sitter. Correct that your sitter profile will have THS confirmed sit dates marked off automatically on your calendar. However, how would anyone on the site know where your usual home is? :thinking:

If you are the homeowner, as I think @Kelownagurl is thinking, then your home would be occupied and secured by a sitter. Plus your actual address would not be shown on the site.

Are we misunderstanding you?

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Yes I am a sitter and an experienced one at that. I mark my availability but I didn’t realize the calendar was automatically showing me as booked. As for knowing where I live, people have my name, my face and know the city I live in. It is quite easy in the times we live to find someone’s home address. I have a security gate around my home so that will help. Sadly, scammers, thieves and stalkers are very real worries for some. A membership fee is a relatively small hurdle. I will have to keep this in mind. I may go through my profile and remove some identifying details. Thanks all.

Only members can see your profile and it only has your first name. I can look for sitters in my area and check out their calendars I guess, but I have no idea if they have someone looking after their home or not, even if I could somehow figure out where they live. I guess if you’re still really worried about it, make sure there are no photos of your own home in your profile.

Unfortunately that is not true. The site is not secure in that way. Anyone can see our profiles (open the URL of your profile in a browser you don’t normally use and you’ll see for yourself!).

That said I agree it seems an unlikely scenario for a thief to pursue.

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I just did that. I logged out of my account and logged in. Every link to a sit or a sitter profile is immediately blocked by a popup asking me to join. Is there a way around that because I haven’t found one?

I’m guessing the cookies on your browser might have something to do with that?

I opened Microsoft Edge, a browser I have never used, and I was able to view your TH profile no problem.

Edit: I see the difference, you are trying to select a sitter from the site. I was using a URL (easily obtainable from the forum; which is one of the reasons I am incognito on the forum :slight_smile: ).

Edit 2: And my earlier point still stands that you don’t have to be a paid member to see profiles. Someone can sign up without paying yet and see the profiles.

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Here’s what I see if I click my profile link when I’m not logged in.

And when I search for a sit.

OK I tried cutting and pasting, I was able to access my profile. Clunky but it would work. That being said, I’m still not worried about it. It doesn’t have my last name and there’s no real way to find out my address (not that I’ve done anything to protect myself because someone’s always at my house when I’m away anyway.)

Plus half the members don’t fully understand how the calendar works :wink: so I still think the chances of a criminal using this as a way to try to find empty homes is really stretching at things. There are probably more hints of an empty house on a person’s Facebook page that this convoluted method. :slight_smile: