Red flag? 4 past sitters none left reviews

I would never in my life go to such lengths for two days, you seem to have plenty of time.
The only thing that matters is whether the owners have given bad reviews before, if so, then you risk a bad review too and I wouldn’t take that risk.

4… 4 !!! I wouldn’t do it. If it’s the odd one or two maybe, but not 4.


Are you volunteering @Val ? :blush:


On the app, this is what it shows me when I check out reviews for a host from a former member — it’s explicit:

I always use the app to check on hosts, because missing reviews aren’t usually a good sign. And the app shows missing reviews for hosts, while the website doesn’t. If a sitter didn’t leave a review and they’re still members, that’s reflected as well, because you can see the sitter’s profile and all reviews and references related to them.

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Yes, that’s what I see also. So if the past sitters are no longer members, the reviews they left are no longer visible. Yes, if the sitter is still an active member, if there is no review showing then they didn’t leave one. I thought that is what I wrote but to be honest, I am having a “recovery day” today after celebrating a birthday milestone so maybe I’m just not absorbing information too well today :face_with_head_bandage::laughing:


How do you know that they had four sitters if none of them left a feedback? Or do mean the HO hasn’t left a review?

A belated happy birthday to you!

Thank you @Maggie8K :pray:

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If you use the app -look at the listing - under sitters and reviews you will see all the past sitters and whether or not they left a review .

Is this new?

I have clicked on both blank sitter reviews and completed both with a profile picture but the “click” doesn’t go anywhere.

It seemed that meant the sitter was no longer a member.

This was in the app…

@HelloOutThere I have noticed myself about the click not going anywhere and haven’t been able to ascertain whether that sitter is still a member. Definitely when it says “past sitters” they are obviously not current but yes, sometimes it doesn’t state “past” but the click takes you nowhere. Again, I have wondered that myself and hadn’t noticed it happened in the past.

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Yes, I’ve seen this, too, and wonder what the difference is.

I believe if a picture and review still show but you click and it goes nowhere, it means that their membership has expired. If it has no picture or review and says ‘former member’ then that person requested that their information be removed.


Thanks. That would make sense.

Also users who were kicked out of the platform will show as “Former member” and will have a blank review spots.


Hey @Carla or @Therese or @Jenny can we get clarification on blank reviews as we are discussing here…tx u!


Happy Birthday :birthday: @ziggy with love :heart: from Turkey :tr:

I wouldn’t do it.

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Hello @HelloOutThere I am always happy to help where I can. As far as I am aware when a member expires they become inactive but as @MaggieUU mentioned when they request all of their information be deleted under GDPR rules they become a former member.

I’m not sure about what happens if a member is removed from the platform, they used to show as inactive as well, but it might be worth double-checking this with Membership Services.

All of my reviews from inactive pet parents are still there to view. I think if the owner requests their information be deleted then you might need to check how the review will look with Membership Services. I think so you don’t lose the review it becomes anonymous, but again double-check that.

It’s an interesting topic let us know if you find out more :slight_smile:

This is a tough one. For our HO profile, our first four sits did not get reviews and tbh, I think it was pure carelessness on the HS’s parts. All the sits went really well, I even asked for explicit feedback. I have a highly trained dog that they loved and lived in a pristine flat in central London.

Another thing of note is that the first two sits were a repeat done by the same person so obviously, they liked the place and my dog enough to come back and we have stayed in touch. (Context clue). Third sit was a very short one so I didn’t really care and did leave them a review to help them boost their profile…I don’t think they realised leaving one for us would have been beneficial.

At the same time, I get where others are coming from but based on this logic, we would not have gotten another sit.

That being said…

  • how tight is the rest of their profile?
  • what have the interactions been like with the HO?
  • have you done a video call with the HO? If not, you should.
  • have you flat out asked them why they don’t have reviews from previous HS?
  • how long is the sit? (2 days) being that it’s short, are you ok to just give it a go? Is the location or some other aspect worth it enough to give it a go?
  • what are the reviews that they left for other people?
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