Red Flags on Upcoming sit

Back in July we accepted a sit for December. Now that the date is getting closer I reached out to the homeowner to let her know we are looking forward to meeting her and the pup in December. She wrote back stating that the room we will be sleeping in (which is an airbnb) will possibly have a tenant occupying it. She doesn’t know for sure yet if they want to extend their lease but she wanted to tell us we can use her room if this is the case. I hadn’t noticed that she wrote back yet so I didn’t respond right away. It was maybe an hour after her first message that I responded. In that time she sent two more messages asking if I quit on her and then telling me that she could unwelcome the guest if it was troublesome to us. We wrote back that we did not quit but we don’t like the idea of sharing the home with a stranger. I also stated I was shocked that she would expect us to stay in her home with a stranger. She wrote back “Better to have discussed it as I was doing. I didn’t understand the rules, now I do. Its my first time and I guess it doesn’t seem that shocking to me. I’m leaving my dog at my home with strangers, that’s shocking to some people.” To add to this she wanted us the day before she leaves so we could take her to the airport - we booked our flight accordingly - I asked her where did she expect us to sleep that first night with no more rooms left in her home - she said this “I pushing hard for an answer to whether he wants to extend his lease. There are several scenarios possible for that night, I have friends, theres a hotel up the street and near th we Airport. I’m going to find out from him his plan before I decide what to do now. I don’t react as quickly, but that’s just me. The next day or 2 will tell more. If he’s stays I will not ask you to reconfirm due to your concerns.” WOW We don’t even want to stay now. How do we get out of this? THS is not open till 7 am so I’ll call them in the morning. We have airplane tickets already purchased and then to get this kind of treatment is upsetting.

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Having someone else there is a violation of the terms of service for the site. It’s just flat out not allowed. I agree with you that at this point I would have a bad taste in my mouth and not be interested in continuing with the sit. I personally would talk to support about any consequences for cancelling. I would just not trust her now and would be wondering what else she didn’t mention.


Good morning @Jenn and this definitely sounds like a situation that would raise a red flag for us as sitters. As @CreatureCuddler says, having someone in the property while you are house sitting is not permitted and this is a case for membership services to get involved. I have passed this over to the support team and they can help and and advise you on the best way to deal with this. They have all your details and so will be in contact this morning. I’m tagging @Therese-MembershipService as well so she can monitor the situation. Hope you get this sorted satisfactorily and you enjoy the other sits you have booked. All the best, Vanessa