References for new sitter members

I’m wondering how many references are allowed? Is there a limit?

(Not reviews for housesitting, but external references).


Hi @Traveler99 welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … you are being really proactive researching references as we have proof that in the absence of TrustedHousesitters reviews, references are the trust factor that owners use when selecting potential sitters.

A minimum of three and these should be quality references from referees who would not mind being contacted for more information, not necessary but a very good option to present. to an owners if requested.

There are some really helpful articles for new members on the website blog simply follow this link and use the key word search option .

Where are you hoping to do your first sit? We recommend starting locally if possible …

Ask any question that you have and you will find our community really helpful.

Welcome again.

Angela and the forum team.

Hi Angela,

Thanks for this information. I understand there’s a minimum of 3 but is there a maximum? I am deciding who to ask for references and need to know if there’s a maximum number.

Thank you!

Hi @Traveler99. As @Angela-HeadOfCommunity said, welcome to the community forum. Here is the link I think Angela meant to include in her message: Find the Perfect Pet Sitter! Home & Pet Sitting Made Easy |

I’m not sure what the technical limitation on references is but recommend you start with three. Research has shown that will give you a good base for homeowners to feel comfortable leaving their homes and pets in your hands. Then focus on making your profile really shine and getting your first sit.

In addition to the blog, you can also use the magnifying / spy glass up at the top right of this window to search the forum for more information on any topic you have questions about.

Happy sitting!

Hi again @Traveler99 there is no maximum …

Hi Angela!

Thanks for letting me know.
I appreciate it.