A question about types of references

It is not very clear from the site what type of Reference is required. If employer ref, what if you
are retired for a number of years, your old co. has long since folded, the people who knew you
are long dead or have moved on?if a reference is from someone who knows you, is that
Supposed to be a friend(not a real ref. to my mind). Reference from a pastor?( what about an
atheist who does not do church) Credit reference check I would be very hesitant to give my
finance details to an owner. character refs. (from whom??.)

References/Reviews on owners - At present, it seems as sitters, we can only rely on reviews from
former sitters. How do sitters know that they are dealing with decent, respectful people and
not people with criminal records, part if drug cartels, child s… deviants with hidden cameras
In the bedroom, .restroom area. If owners are asking questions of a personal nature, how do we
know they are not scammers? I was one asked “Do you go to church?” I was dumbfounded but
with the benefit of hindsight, I would now respond “Does your pet go to church???”

You’ve opened up a minefield and there’s a lot of discussion going on at the moment about background checks elsewhere

Thank you Smiley. You have to be so careful. Just because people sound good, does not always mean they are who they say they are. Not many countries do full background checks on people when they allow them into their country.

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Hi @Willexcell
References can be from anyone you choose and who of course are willing and knowledgeable about things that highlight your strengths to people reviewing your profile.
Ideally they are individuals who can attest to your character, your experience, level of responsibility and your ability to provide good pet care. If you have experience as a sitter, pet care from friends, family, volunteer services those would be great.
People have their own personal, specific things that are important to them. Trying to please everyone only works in making yourself miserable so pick people who will give insight as to who you are, not those that you think will say what others want to hear.

To add, as a sitter, I have no real guarantee of anything. I decide based on the evidence presented, what I can see in the profile and what is said by them when I speak to them. Then I trust my own feelings. There is always some type of uncertainty but I am happy to say, I am usually very pleasantly surprised.
Best wishes.


Thank Amparo, you are so helpful. I will take on board your sentence beginning
“Trying to please everyone…” . Years ago, I took some training on dementia care and it was pointed out that as we age, we get caught up in our own needs and don’t see the big picture. This is how I see the senior pet parents I have been dealing with and they only can relate to their own needs and don’t take the time to understand what is going with their pet and if the pet is in pain, they do not address it until it is almost too late.
Yes, I have to realise that not everyone will take the time to learn good behaviours with other people or their dogs. It also makes me realise the futility of relying on references if almost anyone can write them so I will take more heed of reviews that might be more independent.