Rising gas prices

Is anyone else trying to map out their sits closer to each other? These gas prices are a concern I believe for us sitters going from point A to B.

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Yeah it is a massive concern for us sitters. I normally like to get in the car and travel to other parts of the country but due to this, I have to stay in the same region which is frustrating as we are recovering from lengthy lockdowns. I should be happy we aren’t in lockdown but definitely planning my a to b these days when in the past I was happy to have time between sits.


It’s definitely something I’m starting to think about however, having rented out my home I have no living costs so an increase in petrol doesn’t make too much difference to me plus I drive at 50mph to conserve petrol.


We are definately having to do less sits, we tend not to do back to back sits as we are just holiday sitters.
Also having to consider the distance of our sits more too, so nearer to home.
I think it will become a consideration.

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I wish someone would tell the motorists around DC that going slower saves them money! It’s a nightmare driving round the Beltway.


Like the previous poster we rent out our apartment so we have to keep going.
As older members of the community (nice way of saying we’re ancient) we have a finite number of years left to see this world so we travel. It’s become a game finding the cheaper petrol/gas stations. From state to state the price can differ $1.50. From town to town $0.5.
As my old dad used to say “ there’s no pockets in a shroud”.


I’ve noticed most people still speed despite the hugely increased petrol prices……madness!


I use that phrase a lot too, also “you’re a long time dead”! There’s a big price difference between garages in petrol prices here in the UK too……there shouldn’t be!


The Beltway is a nightmare regardless. Edited to add: You have to plan out any trip on the Beltway or 1-95 near DC (or related to getting around the DC area).

Costco gas is usually at least 50 cents cheaper, but you have to buy a membership for $60. Worth it if you intend to be driving a lot and are in the US for a while.

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Yes. We have noticed some of our pet owners use Costco. Is one of their brands Kirkland? May look into a membership. We are here for (probably) another 18 to 24 months with short sprints back to the UK, Canada and Mexico.


We’ve been using Costco for about 10 years now and we love it. Right now they have a Groupon deal on membership

Besides the cheaper gas you can also use the same Costco membership card abroad in 831 International locations - Mexico, UK, Australia and many more.


Thank you for the information. Definitely worth looking into.

Yes, Kirkland, b/c that’s a Seattle suburb and it started in WA.

Maybe your HOs would let you use their card for gas.

For four more days, through June 12, if you download the Wawa app and use it at one of their pumps, you will save 15 cents a gallon. There are a few Wawas in DC. I also want to mention that not all Wawas have gas pumps, so check first.


Hi @mars We also have Wawas in Florida. This is great for some as every little savings helps. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to benefit from this great deal. I am currently in Canada, return to the U.S. tomorrow and I filled my gas tank before departing.

Oh, well, life is still good! :smiley:

It’s horrendous. I am supposed to be on an epic road trip seeing all of the parts of the U.S. I’ve never visited before, and now I’m trying to start rationing myself! At least it’s less painful when I can rationalize it as more time to spend with the cats and dogs at wherever I’m sitting.

How miserable would I be while trying to limit myself to essential errands and foregoing my typical “drive around looking out the window” mode of sightseeing without the company of whatever pets I have the privilege of caring for? Just another reason to be so very grateful for this platform.

A friend recently told me about this app - you search on their map for an offer nearby, which tends to be .10 -.25 cents less per gallon, check in before you pump and then upload a pic of receipt. I waited to try it out before sharing & I’ve already got $7 on there from my last long drive between sits. Can’t believe that’s still less than 2 gallons worth, but every dollar counts these days.

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I know this is unlikely to make anyone feel better but petrol this morning in Newcastle upon Tyne, adjusted for currency conversion and 3.8 litres to the gallon, is 8.17…

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That’s what keeps us going……the price of fuel at home.

£8.17 or $US8.17 for petrol :open_mouth:! That’s $12NZ…

Holy sheep…here we are complaining about $3nz /l…

$US8.17, £2.12/litre.