Rubbing salt in the wounds?

-Note to THS-…

( sobs) … Just the one notification of rejection would have been sufficient

Sorry Colin you were…………

@ElsieDownie - It’s lucky I can cope with rejection :rofl:


I don’t think you were successful Colin :weary:…plenty fish in the sea…


I think three was the most I got, but over a number of days.
It was when the UK roadmap had just been published, and I’d applied for many sits for the summer. My heart sank every time before I realised they rejections were duplicates.
It’s horrible

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Hi Colin … Oh dear we feel, I feel your pain … I’ve had them too :sob:

Unfortunately this is a bug the tech team are having difficulty replicating even when a member reports it to us and so fixing is problematic also … the team are working to resolve, it might just take a little longer … you are not alone and we do understand.


I also received 7 notifications of reject for one sit I applied and 1 for dates I didn’t apply (for the same owner) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: