Rudeness & Politeness - Communication Between Members

When you apply for a sit, they are really pleased with your profile, asks you to sit for them, then a week later,min stead of a confirmation, you receive a decline notice, which is very confusing, especially when they won’t answer your messages


You are not alone there. Some hosts believe that this is one way traffic and they can treat you as a disposable asset to ignore & discard as they please.

I have learned that its best to try not to take this personally and not let it wear you down, its not easy though when you have put a lot of effort in to making your application.

After a while you get a feel for how long it takes for hosts to acknowledge your existence, if they have read your application and you do not get even a courtesy response even just to say Hi within a couple of days that is a pretty good indication of how things will go forward!

Fortunately, there are also many excellent hosts out there who value us sitters, many are now good friends of mine and I always look to help them out when I can. :grinning:


HI @Bergie, welcome to our community forum, it’s great to have you join and connect with other members.

Communication between members is a subject we are constantly looking at to make it more efficient, user friendly and conducive with our caring community, having the forum’s help with of member’s feedback is an important part of helping every member have the very best experience.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and for joining in the conversation.

Angela and the Team

I am new to THS but have found the community overall very responsive. I never take it personally when I get a sorry you weren’t chosen message and don’t usually apply to any that have over 15 applications already submitted. I did reach out today to an opportunity I’m really excited about that I applied for 9 days ago. The owner was very quick with their response after a friendly nudge. So far I am loving everyone I have crossed paths with!