Run out of petrol on the road

New drama: I ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere today. I completely forgot to fill up before departing on what I knew was going to be a long drive. Two hours in, I noticed the petrol light on, and given my remote location, I was in a real bind. The nearest petrol station was about 45km away, which I was certain I couldn’t reach. Thankfully, I have road assistance, and after a call with one of their staff members, we discovered there was a small hotel close by. I managed to drive there to wait for help. The wait time is 105 minutes, so I’m having lunch now. :rofl: This should hopefully serve as a reminder for others to always check their fuel before heading out into rural areas.


On the of preparations for a sit, making sure you have enough fuel would always be very near to the top

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In Australia when driving rural it’s also important to make sure you have drinking water just incase.
Lesson learnt :grinning: and handy reminder.


That is a good tip!

Yeah I learned it today.

What a stress, @CatloverForever! I’m so glad you were able to get some help (and some lunch!) before getting back on the road.

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To that, I can add: ‘Make sure you get the right fuel’ :smiley:
We were on a sit in Italy and my partner accidentally put diesel in a petrol engine. In the owners’ car!

Needless to say it happened on a Sunday too :grinning:

We were only 5km from our home, took the risk to drive back and got to know the local car mechanic well over the next few days😀

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Yikes! I’m paranoid about accidentally doing the reverse with our RV.

Among RV’ers, the guidance is to not start the engine if you realize in time. Call a mechanic immediately. Once the fuel starts flowing, it’s much more expensive to fix.

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