"Ruthless Opportunist"

Hello, I have recently joined the site as a sitter. At the moment my daughter and her family are staying with me whilst they wait for their new house to be ready. This means that I can exploit their generous spirits and take some time to travel around. Rather than stay in hotels and the like I thouhgt it would be more of a pleasurable experience to share someone’s home and care for their pets when they are away. Having a dog and cat of my own I know they will be well cared for when I am away. I will probably offer myself for shorter breaks to begin with to make sure everyine is happy with the arrangment.

Any advice or tips more seasoned sitters can give would be most helpful.



Love it! It takes a savvy ruthless opportunist to see the fields of gold available.
Carpe diem and welcome @fieldsofgold :sparkling_heart:

Where do you fancy you will be cultivating first?


There are too many tips to mention! It would probably help you most if forum members took a look at your profile and see if you have covered all the relevant details. It’s a perfect time to start sitting right now, there is a great need for sitters, at least in certain countries like the UK.


Thanks @Amparo enjoyed the continual play on words there!! Probably looking to head to the South Coast to start off


Thanks @Timmy your comment is noted, I am struggling to get photos uploaded to my profile, all are below maximum size and jpg format but when I click Save All only the first one gets uploaded. I was hoping that more would provide more information on interests and the like. I will sort it out I’m sure

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South coast sounds really good. Which country? :earth_americas:
I’ve tagged you in a post where you can see how to add your THS profile link to your forum profile.
There are numerous tips here on the forum. Have fun exploring and enjoy the journey.
It’s a good thing.

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Hello @fieldsofgold. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters, the community forum and the wonderful world of pet sitting. I love your creative wordsmithery! Starting with shorter breaks to begin with is a great idea and how many of us here in the forum got started.
Happy sitting.
KarenE and the Forum Team


Welcome @fieldsofgold AKA “Ruthless Opportunist” … love that just as much as everyone else!! Just had a quick look at your profile and can see you’ve managed to get 3 photos loaded… are you still struggling? Let us know if you are and we’ll get someone to help.

I also noticed your forum profile link isn’t passing through to the site, so I’ve updated that for you which might result in more feedback from our very helpful members here in the community.

I spend a lot of time looking for southern based sits, for my return visits to the UK, and there are so many… so I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of choice. And as @Karen-Moderator mentions, so many of us have used short sits or even last minute sits to build up those much needed reviews. Good luck and please come and tell us when you book your first sit!! We’ll all be with you all the way :heart_eyes_cat:

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Hello @fieldsofgold and welcome. As well as Vanessa’s comment about additional photos, I suggest:

  1. Set up your availability calendar.

  2. Until you get a review, it’s important to get references.

You’ll see I’ve linked the relevant information for each point.

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Hi @Amparo,

Easy to forget this is worldwide, I meant UK or to be especially pedantic the South Coast of England

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Thanks @Snowbird, appreciate the advice



Ooh nice. I am in Essex at the moment, not exactly the coast but l just left a lovely sit and they have needs nearly every month. Lots of opportunities that may be a good match for your needs.
Your profile is looking good. Have fun.

Hi @Vanessa-ForumCMgr, tried to upload some more photos yesterday but still having a problem. The photos upload from my desktop but when I press the Save All button nothing happens and the photos are not saved. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @fieldsofgold and how frustrating for you that the photos are not saving. There are a few things I can suggest looking at, but we might have to get membership services to help with this, which they will be happy to do :slight_smile:

Firstly, there are certain criteria for photos to be accepted by the site:

  • They must be in a jpeg. or png. format
  • The size of the photo cannot exceed 10MB

Have you tried uploading photos one at a time?
Do you get an error message after pressing “SAVE ALL” ?
If you have the app, have you tried loading from there?

I’m attaching the help desk instructions so that you can have a quick look through to see if anything you’re doing is different.

If none of this makes a helps or makes a difference, we’ll get @Lucy-Moderator to pick this up with you in the morning when she’s back online. Let me know how it goes.

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Hi @Vanessa-ForumCMgr,

Yes, I followed all of those instructions and the size and format of photos is fine. I don’t get any error message when I press Save All it just goes a lighter colour and then sits there

Hi again @fieldsofgold and thank you for being patient with me and trying the suggestions.

I think it’s likely that @Lucy-Moderator will ask you to email some of the pictures so the team can try on your behalf to see what the problem is, so I’m going to ask for a little more patience until tomorrow morning when she can pick this up and help you. Sorry we couldn’t find a quick fix here on the forum for you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Best, Vanessa

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Good morning @fieldsofgold I am going to send you an email shortly from Membership Services so I can help with your photo problem.

Thanks for your patience

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Hi @Lucy-Moderator,

I thought using a different browser might be the answer but that didn’t work either. I reverted to uploading each photo individually, a bit of a pain but at least I have some up now to show. Thanks for reaching out to me, I appreciate it.

It would be good to understand why uploading in bulk is not working though. As I mentioned each photo was well under the maximum size and all jpg format.