Sad to say bye bye to Pets

Isn’t it just so hard for us Pet Sitters when we have to say bye bye to the pets we care for​:cry:. We’ve just completed 10 weeks with adorable Blue :dog:and there were tears as you can imagine. Have we stopped talking about him yet…Nope! Isn’t it amazing how much the pets we care for come to mean to us and we leave a piece of our hearts with each and every one of them. Pretty sure you other Pet Sitters know just what we mean. But don’t we just have the best life meeting all these new P

urrrfect and Pawsome furry friends and their lovely owners of course too!


“A Picture Says A Thousand Words” … In this case 9,000 words of love and care.

Such beautiful pictures and memories @Julie thank you so much for sharing and for keeping the gorgeous Blue safe and happy at home …

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Absolutely. We still talk About some of our favorite animals and people we’ve met through TH. The other thing that’s sad is when these peta pass away. It might have been 4 years later but I’m still sad when I read or learn that they have passed. I am grateful to be able to share photos and stories (again) with their humans as they grieve their losses.


I have been delighted when my previous sitters who had looked after my dog and cat (who passed away last june and january) sent me pictures of them after i warned them one and the other too were dead.

i did not know they had taken these pictures and vidéos when they were at home. They had sent pic to me during their sit but different, taken on other days.

One couple sent me a frame with photos i hung on the wall.

I knew these sitters were kind but these photos prooved they were really fond of my pets. And it made me cry .


We know exactly what you mean Barbara, especially when you get memory pop ups you get to remember all the fun, lovely times you had with them and also the sadness if those pets have passed. It’s because the pets we care for get to feel like our own don’t they.

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Very much so. Thank you for the care and devotion you bring To your pets all around the world