Safety for single sitters

After having an incident earlier this evening I wondered what I could find about safety issues for single sitters. Within the last 2 years only 3 item’s came on with the worth safety on this forum, quite disappointing .
Who of you knows what national numbers to call in the country, or province you are attending? For what are you calling which number? What are they measurement to take when you are at a sit? What to do when you’re a witness? How to ensure your own safety?

I’ve always been concerned about the safety of single sitters as well. They are lots of dodgy characters out there and to walk into an unknown environment must take a lot of guts.
We sit as a couple and have each other as backup. But we do have certain signals between ourselves to indicate “let’s get out of here moments”. Even on video calls we each have a piece of paper and pen so we can write what we are really thinking as the call progresses.
I hope you are ok and some other single sitters share their tips with you.


This is not specific to single sitters but my husband and I have a word we use to communicate to each other that we’re in trouble. We would use that word in a sentence. Our kids are also aware of it.

hI @Lieve. This sounds bad. Hope you’re ok?
I sit on my own but have not run into any issues so far on any sits.

I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had such an unsettling incident to deal with. I’ve had a few of those myself since I started doing this so I can certainly sympathise.

A few years ago, I was sitting alone in a large house when I suddenly heard someone had entered the property downstairs. It was a Sunday morning and I was still in bed. I was very unnerved by this as there was no lock on my door. Then I heard the person coming up the stairs. Then, the door of the bedroom I was using flew open. As you can imagine, I was absolutely terrified. It turned out to be the owners’ son in law just popping round to look for some of his skiing equipment.

Let me tell you, I was on edge the whole rest of the day as that incident really shook me up. The son in law found it highly amusing that I would be so scared by a complete stranger bursting into the bedroom.

I didn’t do any more sits for quite a while after that. I did get back in the saddle again later that year and have had some good experiences since but that horrible experience has always stuck with me. I try to go off my instincts and intuition as best as I can with people prior to agreeing to an arrangement but I don’t always get it right. I really do hope you’re OK though with whatever has happened with you today.


Yes, I am at the moment. But still no reaction of THS or the moderators at the moment. Luckily I know who to call in Spain for witnessing generic violence in Spain. Do you know?

Hi @Lieve I will Direct Message you …

Please read my reaction to another reply.

Way to little, to late. It I was in the USA, and I would be an American citizen, your reaction would have been more promptly.

Yes, I am now. But not with the help of THS. They where absent for more thanv40 minutes. Luckily I know who to call for, and this time it’s not the police but another authority. Do you know who?

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We have been directly in touch with this member, she is safe which is the most important thing. This was not an on sit related matter and we are managing.

Thank you all for your concern.