I had a successful first sit except for discomfort around the owners nervousness. She misplaced and item and asked if I had it. I feel vulnerable to accusations that the owner might make by mistake or bad faith. What if we’re accused of stealing? How would this app handle that?

I have not had this happen yet, but I have wondered the same thing.

@Lynnrose I am glad that your first sit was successful, but I imagine the situation you described could dampen it a bit for you. That’s such a shame. Did the owner find the item in the end?
Have you reached out to the Membership Services team for some advice they will be able to assist you further. I can ask them to contact you or you can reach them at

I’m sorry it happened on your first sit, that’s super unfortunate as we have had 20-plus sits and never encountered anything like that, maybe other sitters here can reassure you of their experiences.

Feel free to DM me if you need me to pass it on to the Membership Services team

@Lisalu I can ask them to reach out to you as well to explain the process. Just let me know :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lynnrose congratulations on completing your first sit and I echo what @Carla_C has said and do follow her excellent advice.

What I wanted to add is that in over 200 sits I have also never encountered anything like this … I have had one or two pet parents return things I have left but have never been put in a similar position to you.

Please don’t be deterred from exploring this lifestyle as there are wonderful pets, people and opportunities waiting at the next sit and beyond.

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Hi Lynn

My husband and I have been housesitting for almost 10 years and that has never happened to us before. I think something like this is probably pretty rare.

I have never had any sort of problem where I needed to involve THS so I can’t speak to how they handle these situations.

But while on this subject, I think it is important to remember that ultimately this site is a platform to introduce people looking for a particular service to those willing to provide it, and many of the issues that may arise are things they can probably do little to nothing about through no fault of their own.

It is impressive the features and services the site offers compared to other sites, but again, at the end of the day, they are essentially the same in terms of the purpose they serve.

In instances where an accusation was made that couldn’t be proven true, the best they could probably do was suggest neither party leaves a review. I suspect this is the ‘go to move’ for many situations since the primary concern for most people in these situations, especially the sitter, would be a bad review.

Don’t let this experience turn you off. I think for most people–sitters and HO’s alike–the experience is overwhelmingly positive. There may be a bit of a learning curve for you as you decide how to evaluate potential sits, discover what works for you and what doesn’t,etc… The best advice I can give is follow your intuition, and honor your preferences.


The chances of that happening are very rare - If you have not stolen anything, then you haven’t - there is nothing more you have to say or do.


Sometimes a guest can take things by mistake.

It happened to me once when I was reading a book while staying at a friend’s house. Inadvertently, I had taken it home with me. It was a pocket book and they told me to keep it.

I would not be insulted if a home owner asked me about something that they could not find.

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These things are indeed very rare. In my over 100 sits only once, I inadvertently took a book. An avid reader, I used to carry a lot of books.
She messaged me and my first real reaction was “no way lady”. When I checked my stack in my vehicle sure enough. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I was so embarrassed. Apologized profusely and put it in the post the next day. Got rid of the books and the vehicle so that won’t happen again. :laughing:
Though some may truly be nervous, it is possible that we may pick up something by mistake. I have also been at sits where I have seen expensive jewelry left on countertops in the kitchen, bathroom etc. In those situations, I take a photo and send it to the owner letting them know that I have seen and it is here when they return.
One other occasion, also a very anxious person, claimed damage, a spot on the floor. THS handled it.
We continue to learn and hone in on our intuition as we continue to meet people. That enhances our internal radar and our ability to sense what to be mindful of in every situation.
Don’t be put off. Things can and will happen and being adults, we can usually find our own solutions to most situations.
It’s a process.
Keep going and all the best.


After a THS sit I found that I still had one of the homeowners jute shopping bags in the boot of my car - she’d left it out for us to use during the sit . It was only a supermarket one but a nice one . I contacted to apologise and said I would post it back to her . She told me to keep it . I’m still using it on sits .

Not on a THS sit but after staying at a friends house I found I had bought one of her coasters home with me - a bit random - but I had been working whilst staying there and had inadvertently bundled it up with my laptop and work papers and chargers - we had a laugh about it :rofl:.

On one THS sit there were loads of shelves full of good books which the HO encouraged us to read . I really got into one, but there wasn’t time to finish it . I’ve been searching charity shops ever since to find it so I can finish it but to no avail … but out of the blue the HO has just asked us back so I am looking forward to finishing that read :rofl:- that’s not the only reason we accepted she has two cute Burmese cats too .