Saved search result doesn’t match

I’ve just received an email saying I’ve a new result matching a saved search. As you can see from the screen shot, it doesn’t match the dates at all, just the country!

Did you click the icon to save the sit info or the particular dates? I was not aware you could ever just save dates.

When you do a Saved Search you can put in location and the exact dates you are looking for @Debbie-Moderator.

When I do a “save”, it is because I have seen a potential sit that I am interested in, but the dates aren’t presently what I can do. It just allows me to receive notification if and when there is another sit available for this PP

I’m assuming you’re clicking on the Heart which saves that particular listing @Debbie-Moderator.

@temba yes

Like this. I can’ t do the dates posted but if there is another posted date later in the year, I will be notified so hopefully the dates will work.

Now it is saved:

Hi @Smiley I have passed this over to the tech/product team … thank you for bringing to our attention … We are always here to assist but also good to take any issues like this directly to

We will close the post now.

Hi @Smiley Tech came back and this may have happened because the listing has paused dates which do match your search … there is a bug fix open on this.