Views in 'Saved Sits"

I use the Saved Sits filter a lot.
Recently a sit that I have “liked” popped up on my Saved but the dates were wrong for me and I did not follow through.
With another search the same sit popped up but I noticed that they had actually listed several dates when they would need a sitter, some of which I would be available for.
Is there a way on the ‘saved sits’ filter to point out that there are several dates available for a given sit? @Therese-MembershipService

At the moment that does not seem to be the case unless you click on the actual sit.
Which I would not have done as the dates shown (just one of many the HO listed ) were not suitable for me,
thanks, :slight_smile:

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I am a saver as well. If it is a match for me other than dates, I save it anyway for future sits.
When a new listing comes in I get a notification to my phone then I can review the dates and my schedule.


@liz @Amparo If a homeowner puts up many dates on their listing, only the first date with a little + will appear. This is an indication that there are more dates, which may suit you, but you would need to open the listing to view other dates. (there is not enough space on the first page to show all the dates, so hence we use the +) Unfortunately on the favourite search, there’s not a way to save specific dates, so do always look for this + when you get the notification. I hope this helps and hope you connect soon with your favourite saves. Kind regards Therese


Thanks! good to know :slight_smile: