"Saved searches" doesn't seem to be working for long-term sits

I wonder whether I have done something wrong or whether there is a technical glitch in the system? Two out of four ads in my daily report on new “long-term sits” are not long-term at all, but for a few days only. See screenshot below:

Further, the report says that there are 8 new ads, but I can see only 6, and when I click on it the first sit comes up, but the last two sits remain hidden.

Hi @Romana thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have forwarded this information to our tech team who will look into this when they are back online.

Hi @Romana & @Julie-Moderator - You will find that the shorter sits have other dates listed also. The system adds all the current dates listed together to define the length of sit. So if a listing has 2 separate dates posted. 1 for 3 days and 1 for 4 days and you have asked to be informed of any sits 7 days + - then this particular listing will show for you

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Thanks for clarifying that @Colin