Saved search anomaly?

I have saved a search based on dates alone, any location will do. I am getting regular notifications using the app. The strange thing is this: the same sit keeps showing up every single day. It is consistently in the top three of the list. It’s as if that homeowner has “boosted” their listing to get more notice.
Has anyone else noticed something similar or is this simply a glitch in the system?

Sometime ago, there was one change that happened in saved searches. Instead of listing them in order, when you are starting your search (before saving it) in the filters there is a choice to sort by “Recommended” (default) vs “Newest”.

This is how it looks on the app, I think similar on the web.
Also, I know from my brother having a sitter cancel on him, that THS said they would help by boosting his listing- so I guess that’s one reason a listing could stay at the top.

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