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I daily look at a saved search that is currently adding numerous new listings every day. Do listings stay in the same order as long as they are live? Since listings have no dates of posting I’d like to think that, when I recognise a listing, I’ve come to the end of new ones, ie ones posted since I last looked - to save unnecessarily opening things I’ve already seen and passed up. Is this the case?

Listing don’t stay in the same order, in my experience. I have seen new listings that appear later in sequence to ones that I know I saw already. I would love a way to see only new listings since I last looked, but I always need to continue looking for a page or two beyond where I last stopped.

Could someone technical confirm this? If they don’t stay in order in my case it means scrolling through 12+ screens every day. @Angela-CommunityManager ? @Ben-ProductManager ?

The listings are timestamped when they go live and are listed in chronological order.
A pet owner can boost the listing and/or deactivated it and then activate it again. Bosted and newly (de) activated listings are treated as new listings which means they fly up to the top of the list


The order of the listings is based on the posted date.

However, if Owners don’t get any applicants or want more applicants to choose from they can Boost the listing which pushes the Sit back to the top of the search results and increase the visibility of the listing (hopefully can tempt you to apply.)

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Thank you, that’s a relief! And I get it about the boosting, that’s not a problem.

Maybe you’re thinking of listings you see when you search via Find a sitter? Those mix up continually. I was talking about what a sitter sees when reviewing a saved search.

I was referring to the same thing as you. I know for sure they are sometimes out of order, because certain locations always get my attention.

I’ve had the same experience as Lassie and have also seen new sits out of order. I feel terrible for these HOs whose new sits get lost and buried among older ones.

Well how confusing. I think I asked the question because of adverts that seemed out of order, but I can’t give an example and if as @Ben-ProductManager says the adverts are dated the dates are invisible to us.


ALL listings are shown in the order they are published. New ones and republished ones.
The system doesn´t distinguish new ones from republished ones. They are all treated as new ones. Hence when a listing is republished it is the date of republishing and NOT the original publishing date that applies during the sorting process

Say, a listing was published on May 7 and is displayed as number 10. The Pet owner republishes it today, May 14. The second it becomes active the publishing date changes from May 7 to May 14 and the listing is displayed as number 1 (until another listing is published)

If you absolutely must know when a listing was published (the last time), click on the view source button and search for publishedDate. You´ll not only get a date but also the exact time … to the last second

So, the listings are in order, even though they are out of order. :wink:

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I so agree with this!

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That is some high level balaclava wearing hacker stuff you’re doing there :rofl:

Of course, I’m teasing, I read source code all the time.

Where is it? This is what I see when I click on :

{“components_listingCard_dates”:"{{startDate, MMM dd}}, {{startDate, yyyy}} - {{endDate, MMM dd}}, {{endDate, yyyy}}",“components_content_post_lastPublishedDate”:"{{date, MMMM dd, yyyy}}"}

@mars … the first one, there are three of them


I think those seeing listings ‘out of order’ aren’t talking about republished ones (boosted) @RadarInc. Those after all stand out because of theIR bright NEW label. It’s other listings that sometimes seem out of order, in the sense of older non-boosted ones appearing before genuinely new ones. I think the tech-team will say it’s impossible, however.

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