Schumacher turns 87!

My Schumacher turned 87 (human equivalent years) yesterday while we’re away. Here’s what our sitters did for him! Cake & candles made from canned food & treats!!


What a cutie! :heartbeat:
How much is that in regular years?

17 years, 9 months.

Happy birthday, handsome Schumacher, you are just a teenager, and we wish you many, many more healthy and happy birthdays. My Himalayan cat, King Cougar the Fur, lived to be 22 years young!


Happy birthday Schumacher! And what a lovely surprise for you and he !! How considerate and playful of your sitters! Love it :heart_eyes_cat:

Awe that is precious! Happy Birthday Schumacher!

A little late to this pawty … Happy Birthday Schumacher … :cat: :clap: :heart_eyes_cat:

Are your family F1 fans by any chance? I’ve just had my Grand Dog Max visit … named after Max Verstappen :dog: :grinning:


Yes we are. The cat before him (both at the same time) was named Ralf!

Happy Birthday! he is so beautiful!

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