Search criteria wish list

I would like a search criteria for over holidays. Of course since this is global, there’d be a heck of a lot of holidays to search through!

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Firm bed for me!


I think a Schengen Zone/ Non Schengen Zone filter would be great!

Speaking as an American house sitter who travels in Europe quite a bit. :slight_smile:


I agree or being able to list up to 5 states at a time

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There is already that search function on the you, I prefer two weeks in one place at least.

Ah the cooking is wonderful and you can do so much batch cooking and slow overnight cooking, I LOVE them… Husbands huh, lol.x


Hello, so sorry I have not responded sooner, I have not been on my Laptop since returning from the HS. I see you have been given info on AGA cooking, there is so much you can do with them and they heat your house and sometimes hot water too, though are quite expensive compared to new builds etc. I LOVE them… x


Agree, why can’t I search for swimming pool? Word search?


Just seeing this, sorry but since then I am happy to say that now I am well experienced with an AGA! From ignorance, to knowledge to practicality!
They are truly wonderful and now I am no longer intimated! Just give me a good wooden match and some wood!
This one also served as hot water heater.
Thank you! I have learned so very much in my happy adventures!


The search function only seems to allow “or” searches. For example I can search for sits with “dogs or cats” but not “dogs and cats”. It would be great if one can do “and” searches rather than just “Or” searches. Ideally this would apply to all combinations of pets.

In another example, you may want to sit for chickens and you don’t mind if the HO has dogs or cats also, but the search only brings back chickens-only which is only a few listings on the entire plant. If you select the dogs button and the “poultry” button, then you will have thousands of listings to sort through which have dogs but may or may not have chickens.

A software program can fix this easily. It’s a criteria of (And/Or) function that can be added. It’s not at all complicated and it’s not costly but it would make our search time more effective.

It’s also good to have a custom search. This allows those looking to sit for “goats” to find goats based on word searches.

I used to be a programmer in the 80’s. It was a quick fix then. I’m sure it’s not more difficult to do now.

It’s definitely worth the investment for this great community.

Thank you


So are you wanting a search engine with two parts?

Must have ____

Can also have _____



Robert & Zoya

In addition:
It’s also great to have a word search.
Ie search for “goats”

Robert and Zoya


Exclude Sitter needs car. We’re full time traveling so we don’t have a car and it would be nice to exclude those sits that need a car so we don’t have to sort through them by looking at every one.

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A free text search would be great.

Also bed size, parking availability, closest public transport.


Well pet owners I hope your good at writing essays.
Google is my friend for location, public transport etc. and if the information about the pets or home that I need/want is not listed i ask. Works every time.

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To look for sits and sitters by date we need a filter instead of the hideous selecting the dates across the months that need to be done each time. So much easier to filter by year and/or then months if you want to capture everything in the following year instead of literally highlighting the entire year after tabbing forward and then having to do it again… Driving me mental!!

Honestly, I’d much rather read an essay so that I don’t have to ask about the basics. That way, no one wastes any time/takes up a valuable slot in the 5 applicant race!


Yes! Keyword/custom search would be amazing!!

So many great ideas here!

I’d actually be quite happy if the search function on the site would deliver search results that match the search paramaters for which there are already search criteria. Due to recent irritations I’d say that it would be lovely to use the “duration” bar, and get results that match the duration entered, and that it would be amazing to not have to scroll through multiple copies of the exact same sit.