Search date range doesn't match sitters's calendars?

Hello @hikerbiker and welcome to the forum and to Trustedhousesitters. The one universal aspect of the calendar is that on all sitters’ calendars, any THS sit will show as a black line across a white background. This is system-generated. I think the search filter does suppress THS sits in any date range you set in your search filter.

Other than that, the calendar is not consistently used and therefore it’s best not to rely on how they display when searching for sitters. I will attach a great post by @anon36831737, one of the members, who has given a detailed explanation of the availability calendar. You’ll also see later comments in that post by members.

Availability calendar

You can use the magnifying glass to search some key words of topics that are of interest to you. You’ll see posts about that feature - the calendar - along with a wide range of other topics.

You may want to embed your listing in your forum username/profile to make it viewable by forum members.