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Hi. I have only just signed up to THS. I know of friends of friends who are listed as sitters. Trying to find them on the website. Seems I can only search sitters by location. Is that the only way to search. Or is search for sitter by name possible. Sorry to ask but be patient in a newbie :grin:. Appreciate your help. Rgds Rebecca

It can’t be done by name - only location.

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If your friends join the Forum they can add their THS profile into their Forum profile then you could search the members list to find them and see their HO listings/sitter profiles. Not everyone adds their THS link though.

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This would be a nice feature, though!

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It could be a breach of privacy and a bit stalkerish.


Agreed with @Wildcolonialgirl that it would certainly raise privacy concerns.

@BestRP If you’re friends of friends with someone on the site, contact them yourself or have the mutual acquaintance reach out and get their profile link. Simple as that.

Thanks for your reply

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Thanks for your help appreciate it

All sorted now. My friend has sent them a WhatsApp and we have been in touch now.
Sorry to raise concerns, I’m not a stalker just asked a question as a newbie


@BestRP Unfortunately a search by name is not possible. But you and your friends can share your profiles directly with each other.
E.g on your own profile- on the phone app at least- its easy. Just open the app. Click on ‘me’ (bottom right) your profile opens and at the top right (left of the Edit) is a share button. :blush:

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