Searching Listings and Sitters - How To?

How does the various searches work on the main site?

For example: I enter the name of the village that I live in to find sits in village and it comes back with “we are waiting for sits to be available” when I can navigate through the map and can see 2 different sits in the village (including mine)

The other search I find frustrating is the Search for Sitter and filtering by dates - in most cases sitters availability appear white - it only seems to exclude sitters who are actively on a sit rather than what i would expect to happen which is only return sitters that are available?

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Hi @smcinnes1706 I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator concerning your location search. She will contact you directly when she’s next online.

As for searching sitters, keep in mind that not all sitters use the calendar option, as it has its limitations. Others assume that white means they are available, and therefore don’t keep an accurate calendar. For that reason, other than if they are on a THS sit, I would suggest you approach any sitters who seem like a possible match for your requirements.

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Hi @smcinnes1706 - I don’t think the THS search is as precise as that. I think it is because the search is worldwide and so many places have the same name around the world .
We are currently doing a house sit in Ashurst Wood and we found this by searching East Grinstead.
I have to admit that I struggled to find yours -
‘East Grinstead’ brought up 326 sits over a huge area - I saw a couple in Forest Row, I didn’t see yours but have to admit I gave up looking half way through.
‘Sussex’ brings up West Sussex - 101 sits - not yours
‘East Sussex’ - 62 sits - Bingo! although you were number 60 in the list

Hi @smcinnes1706 Let me have a look for you and I will email you directly from membership services.
Kind regards

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