Seeking cultural connections and meetups in Hampshire, UK

Hi Everyone Thank you to have me in this Community forum I am really excited to house sit again in UK thank you to this web site .

I will be soon in Hampshire, close to Havant, and cause I am an artist architect I like to visit Museum and participate to cultural events. I think creativity defines humanity and Uk has wonderful architecture to be visited.

I like to connect to local cultural organisations, as my usual when travelling, and it would be cool to meet up for new artistic cultural events. I am new in the area so if you have any suggestion for me to connect with trustful cultural organisations I would be greatful.

Thank you for your time I hope you are going to have a splendid August with million stars of new amazing things
ciao Francesca

Here are two links to the local information centre and the local council. I’m sure you will find plenty of wonderful things to do. They are always most helpful, so if you need any advice, drop them an email.

Would recommend you pop into the local
library when you are there, they have a wealth of information as to what’s going on locally.



Dear Daisy
thank you so much for these information I will for sure go there to the library and send them a message to connect.
very nice appreciation for this possibility given here to exchange info and support !!!
thank you again if you ever will visit Florence and need advices or any info do not hesitate to contact me


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I found another one for you! It’s an Arts and Crafts centre .

If I ever visit Florence, I will be sure to let you know, thank you.

Happy travels. X

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Amazing !!! Thank you I have pleanty to research for and explore!!!

I will see you in Florence !!!
ciao f