Sending a group message to Favourites

Has anyone sent a group message to their favourite properties? What was the response like? Any success?

Also, pet/home owners, would you mind if someone reaches out to you in such a random way? I am after a very specific area where sits rarely appear, and it may be my only way to obtain a sit in that area.

Let me know, thanks

I don’t think you can contact properties if they don’t have a current active listing. If they do, you need to apply in order to make contact. No other way, I’m afraid.

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I don’t believe there is anyway to do this.

You can only write to an HO if they have current dates listed and then you have to ‘apply’ to make contact. As far as I am aware there is no way at all to contact multiple hosts at the same time.

I haven’t actually done it, but it looks as though you can. When they are on my “favourites” there’s a section at the left hand side saying about “send group message”. When I add people/properties from my favourites that have not got a live advert, it seems to add their name fine, and the ‘send’ button is highlighted as though it is possible. But I haven’t actually done it yet.

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@HappyDeb I just did the same, but did not want to click send just in case! So I have asked the tech team what would happen if I clicked send and I will feed back to you.


Interesting. Seems a new option. I wondered if it was only for those with combined memberships since group messages to applicants have been available to HOs, but just checked my inbox and I can do the same. Could be useful if allowed (but only to those with whom you’ve previously communicated).

@HappyDeb Thank you for your patience whilst I found out more information about this. The tech team tested this a couple of times and said that you should be able to send a group message to any of your favourites even if the group also contains some members that you have not previously spoken to. (They will also get the message)
Let me know how it goes if you decide to reach out to multiple ‘favourite’ owners with a group message.