Severe disruption of air travel out of, into, and over UK airspace

Some major problem there. There is a computer problem. Now they need to put in flight plans manually, which is slower and causes delays and cancelled flights.

They don’t know what caused it, they don’t know how to fix it, they don’t know how long this might last.

Welcome to a British August Bank Holiday weekend! It’s probably raining too.

(I’m a Brit. It’s not rude or unkind when it’s self deprecating :wink:)


To be fair, sunny skies and a light breeze in my corner of Essex. Doesn’t feel like a bank holiday Monday. Oh wait, major disruption and people can’t back for work tomorrow, yeah now it feels normal. :wink:

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They solved it!

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British sense of humour - miss it so much. Keep em coming.

Didn’t know you are a fan @ElsieDownie; do you know About — Very British Problems
It’s hilarious.

British Politeness Translation Table

I hear what you say I disagree and do not want to discuss it further He accepts my point of view
With the greatest respect You are an idiot He is listening to me
That’s not bad That’s good That’s poor
That is a very brave proposal You are insane He thinks I have courage
Quite good A bit disappointing Quite good
I would suggest Do it or be prepared to justify yourself Think about the idea, but do what you like
Oh, incidentally/ by the way The primary purpose of our discussion is That is not very important
I was a bit disappointed that I am annoyed that It doesn’t really matter
Very interesting That is clearly nonsense They are impressed
I’ll bear it in mind I’ve forgotten it already They will probably do it
I’m sure it’s my fault It’s your fault Why do they think it was their fault?
You must come for dinner It’s not an invitation, I’m just being polite I will get an invitation soon
I almost agree I don’t agree at all He’s not far from agreement
I only have a few minor comments Please rewrite completely He has found a few typos
Could we consider some other options I don’t like your idea They have not yet decided

[Source : The Telegraph]

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VBP is always right on target.

And BTW the UK trains are on strike…again… this weekend!

I love that FB page!

Hoping all is good in a week. Thankful we have bicycles, just in case!!!

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