"Share This Listing"?

If I click an pet-sit advert to ‘share this listing’, if the person is not a member will they see the whole ad as I see it as a fully signed up member, or does it simply try to tempt them to sign up, by only revealing a small part and the rest takes them down a marketing route?


@HappyDeb I just did a quick test on myself and logged into my free account.

I sent a listing to my email (not the same email address I use for my THS account) and then opened the email and clicked on the listing:

As long as I was logged into my free account it let me view the full listing and asked me to get membership to apply.

If I was not logged onto the free account, it asked me to create an account. Once I had created a free account I could view the listing as above.

I hope that helps!

I tested this on my laptop with an incognito browser (so not logged into any accounts).

If you directly link the listing’s URL, the listing is viewable. However, if I navigated around (like clicked on “< See all house sits” and then hit the back button to return to the original page) it did prompt me to log in and I was unable to read the listing again.

I think the popup that blocks unregistered users only triggers when you are clicking around the site, so linking the listing directly should make it readable to whoever you’re sharing with.


Great, thank you so much