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Hi THS fam!

I’m not sure where this post should go, so moderators please feel free to move this accordingly!

I just wanted to encourage both owners and sitters to share your experiences with house/pet sitting wherever you go, both online and offline. It’ll help build the THS platform and house sitting niche one person at a time, which will lead to more opportunities for everyone.

For example, my close friends who are retired and like parents to me signed up this week to be sitters. My actual parents are retiring in a few months and are gonna sign up as both owners and sitters. The more people in my immediate circle, family and friends, learn more about what I’m doing the more they’re interested and want to sign up as either owners/sitters or both!

I’m currently on a sit in Little Italy downtown San Diego. I woke up this morning to the sound of bagpipes playing. Sure enough when walking the dog around the block I saw a band with the Fire Museum practicing for the St Patrick’s Day parade.

While enjoying the music I asked a woman standing next to me for directions to the farmers market. She being a local in Little Italy asked were I live. When I told her I’m a digital nomad whose been house/pet sitting full time she immediately wanted to know more. She’s been wanting to travel but didn’t know who she could trust to watch over her pets and home.

We grabbed coffee and I was able to share with her more about THS and sitting in general. I sent her my referral link and will gladly help her get setup up, just like I’m helping my parents and friends get setup with their accounts.

The more we all share our experiences the more the THS platform and the niche of house/pet sitting will grow. Which means more opportunities for sitters, and more opportunities for owners to travel with peace of mind knowing their homes and fur babies are being properly loved and care for.

Also for anyone interested, after dragging my feet for far too long, I’m going to be launching my Vlog very soon. I’ll be documenting my adventure of pursuing my dream of becoming a successful serial entrepreneur. And being a house and pet sitter full time since May 2022 has played a huge part of the “hero’s journey.”

Stay tuned…

-David Jeremiah


Hi @imdavidjeremiah
Welcome to this wonderful world.
I think you’ll find that we are sharing our housesitting adventures here on the forum and on various social media platforms. There’s a lot out there!
I’m with you about sharing the love, and am always talking about housesitting. People are really interested.
Good luck with your vlog and adventures!


Hi @imdavidjeremiah

David, thank you for sharing your story and for encouraging other members to do the same. There are many inspirational member’s stories [on the website blog] I’m sure you will be joining the story “club” very soon (

Everyone has a story to tell and the more we share, the more we learn, grow and become grounded in the belief that anything is possible.

Stories of members sharing their first THS sit experience or arranging a sitter, to members living their dream lifestyle since TrustedHousesitters began keeping pets happy at home … now you have joined our community and already bringing friends and family into our community!! :star_struck:

Little Italy is an amazing pet friendly community, we have many members and friends there as it’s a place we enjoy holding community events and have sponsored a shaded area in the local dog park. The Saturday Farmers Market is a great place to be and of course the added attraction are all the furry friends we meet between stalls and while having a coffee and watching the Little Italy world go by.

Thank you also for joining the team at Helen Woodward we hope you enjoyed the morning and the conversation.

Member meetups are another way for our community to connect perhaps something you might also get involved with?

Welcome again and thank you for helping spread our TrustedHousesitters message we look forward to your Vlog and sharing in your TrustedHousesitters journey … it looks to be a great one!!

Angela and the Team


I feel your enthusiasm, and eminent success growing, David. Thank you.

I am happy to share my story, when I get through my first sit, in May 2023.

I am very experienced at this mode of service, and brand new on TH. I am known for living as if by magic, and Trusted Housesitters is yet another beautiful thing I am sharing every day with people, to give them wings and a nest!

Claire + my assistance dog, Tarkina

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Thanks for this posting, @imdavidjeremiah. I want to say, that for all the complaining we do here on the forum in an effort to improve the platform, I want to express my gratitude to THS for enriching my life beyond words. Since discovering it, almost everyday is exciting, caring for gorgeous animals, meeting interesting people, seeing new places and having a positive impact on others’ lives, all the while planning for my next adventure. The forum is fabulous too. So many thanks


Thanks @mars for your lovely words. I’ve shared them with the wider THS team, so they can all feel the warmth of your appreciation. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@mars thank you so much … TrustedHousesitters would not be the community it is today without members like you, the gratitude flows both ways.


I’m very grateful for the platform and it has shifted my life in many ways. Essentially I manifested this quite awhile ago having stated I wanted to have an alternative lifestyle, travel and be with animals. So yes, despite some bugs which will always exist, I’m very grateful for the opportunities it presents. So thank you! :paw_prints::heart_eyes::purple_heart::star::yellow_heart::paw_prints:


Thank you for sharing, @imdavidjeremiah! I like what you said. You’re one of the TH evangelists! :grin:

I’ve heard of members putting their contact info (and referral code) on business cards, too. Or perhaps the equivalent in a QR code.

Where I live (East Texas), many people have animals. Many like to travel. But very few have heard of TH.

Someone recently told me there’s not a good “elevator pitch” for TH yet, since it’s such an outside-the-box idea. Talking over coffee is a good idea.

How do you describe TH?

Best of luck with your Vlog!


Hi @geoff.hom that’s a good question! I’ll have to be more mindful of how I’m pitching it. But usually when I meet people and share TH, I mention how “I help home/pet owners travel with piece of mind knowing they have someone trustworthy looking after their home and beloved pets.”

You’re definitely right, it’s an outside of the box nice opportunity. But I have a feeling in time this will continue to grow into become pretty mainstream and well known. Especially with TH, other platforms pushing ads and raising awareness.