Shout out to Rachel K for outstanding customer service

And kudos to TH for hiring and retaining such a wonderful staff! Rachel K. has been helping me today: Either a system glitch or human error (moi) caused a duplicate review to appear today as I caught up on my home/pet owner feedback. Both reviews were five stars but one was for a dog family and the other a feline support system. I reached out to the possibly puzzled cat’s daddy and explained the situation, receiving the nicest response and an invitation for future sits. I just love this community and the hard working staff that helps out when problems arise. Thank you Rachel K for offering to fix the duplicate and hand enter my heartfelt thanks to Soxy and her family. You’re the best!


Welcome @Skydancer to the forum .
It’s great when someone’s first post is appreciation for what someone has done (rather than a moan :joy:) .

Glad you’ve had 2 great sits and been able to sort out the tech issue .

We haven’t needed to contact THS member services but it’s good to know that there is dedicated support there if and when we need it.

We’ve just completed our 4th sit on THS and they have all been unique experiences but also all 5⭐️ and each and everyone has invited us back .

The roles reverse , as sitters who have completed a sit and moved on to the next - we now receive pet photo’s & regular updates from the HOs from previous sits .:rofl:


Hi @Skydancer a huge warm welcome to our Community Forum we are so happy to have you join us and THANK YOU for your message of appreciation for our Membership Services Team and the lovely Rachel K

You’ve brought with you some great sit experience “We were delighted to have @Skydancer take care of our cat and our home. She was wonderful. An easy communicator with a caring spirit, she gets five stars. We recommend her highly” …

we’d love to hear more about some of your TrustedHousesitters journey, when you have the time. Meanwhile enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Welcome and thank you again.

Angela and the Admin Team


Yay Rachel K! Thanks for providing such great service.

And thanks @Skydancer for the kudos. As @Silversitters said, it’s great when someone posts about great service they’ve received. Congrats on having two great pet sits. May you have many, many more in the days to come.


Thank you for your warm welcome, Angela and Karen. And thank you for moderating this forum where we can share insights, tips, and praise as well as share our frustrations! I actually have done more sits with TH than these two. I was just getting caught up on my reviews. I look forward to sharing more as time allows.