Show us your foster pets!

My latest foster. She was spotted at a shopping center near my house, and posted to Facebook. I immediately jumped in the car to get her yesterday, before it started raining and getting very cold. I’m looking for owner but meanwhile she already has a potential adopter! I said I was going to take a break from fostering, but that lasted about 10 days …


Thank you so much for sharing @botvot !!! You were an incredible foster for taking your time with your first rescue and letting him decompress and blossom into the loving kitty he always was. We don’t know the trauma that many of these shelter pets experience before they are rescued. Many of them take a long time to decompress in their foster homes, patience and love is key when fostering any rescue pet. Way to go! because of you, not only did you change this kitty’s life, but you also changed the adopters life too!

And that is incredible you also volunteered at your local shelter. Volunteers are crucial in the shelter system to ensure all the homeless pets get adequate care and attention. You are amazing, thank you for opening up your heart to these deserving rescue animals.


@Georgetownpets thank you for sharing. I LOVE her name. I often find myself saying that exact phrase in life when anyone wins anything haha. It sounds like Chicken Dinner had a rough start in life, but luckily thanks to you and that rescue she has a second chance at better life. Thank you for loving her, helping her, and being an amazing caring human!


She is so cute @Carla-Moderator !!! It was nice chatting with you the other day about your foster journey. Thank you for helping our furry friends in need. And what a great picture of her enjoying that pup cup. My rescue dog absolutely loves when I get him a Puppuccino at Starbucks every now and then. He also gets a special one every year for his birthday haha.



haha @Lassie I totally get it! I have said the same thing before, but I can’t help myself, I continue to foster and volunteer.

It is such a rewarding feeling when your foster pet finally finds their forever home. There are some people who are addicted to an adrenaline rush, or material things… but I’m 100% addicted to rescuing!


Such way cool dogs and inspired by your mission!


@Julie-Moderator It was lovely talking to you about fostering too and thank you for sharing your experience, I will certainly be asking you for more advice in the future. Wow totally adorable, I can see why he was a foster fail and bacon in a pup cup that is the best idea ever. That face in the first picture is priceless.


Hello @Podcaster, I would like to warmly welcome you to the forum community and it is great to hear that everyone’s foster journeys are inspiring you. If you are interested in joining the website then please let me know and I would be happy to assist you. Do you have any pets of your own or are you looking to care for pets? Thank you for your contribution and I look forward to you connecting more on the forum.
Best wishes Carla

@Julie-Moderator awww look at that face! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: