Show us your foster pets!

Wow, they are very young. About 3 weeks, are they?

It’s a crazy kitten season here in Dallas and your mention of bottle-feeding reminds me that I need to volunteer at the kitten nursery at the shelter, in addition to fostering.


I am a 1st time cat fosterer in Houston Texas. I was reluctant in the past because of the uncertainty of how long the animals will be with me and the worrying about if they will get a forever home. Also I was concerned about emotionally handling knowing how many pets don’t find homes and are euthanized. I am someone who needs to keep a check on my anxiety.
Houston’s homeless pet problem is getting worse.
So I found a pet rescue group that is a good fit for me. Rescue Pets Movement.

(Rescued Pets Movement Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the United States and Canada that have a demand for adoptable pets.
So I’m a short time fosterer while cats are waiting for their transportation date. )


@ExploreDreamDiscover That is so awesome and great that you found a way to foster and help out but that works for you as well.

Does she have a name and are you getting the kittens as well? So exciting and rewarding - from a previous foster parent to another I am so pleased for you and thank you for helping her.
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Yes I have mom, called Madame, and 4 boy kittens called Maxx, Minnow, Matrix, and Mercury. I’m socializing them to humans. Everyone is already in the litter box and trying kitten food. Mom is sweet and a very good mother. She hops the pet gate to hang out with me in between caring for her babies.


@ExploreDreamDiscover How lovely having the whole little family!
We have wondered about helping mums with kittens or puppies before so I will follow your journey with interest.
We would probably end up keeping the mum (I think there is something extra special about a mum with babies) or one of the babies, so that is why we have hesitated previously but what a wonderful thing to do for the little family. The mum must feel so safe with all her babies in one place! Keep us updated, please :smiling_face:

@Carla with this organization you can’t adopt the foster pets as they are promised to be relocated where they have homes waiting. But I have a lot of practice saying goodbye to new furry friends through sitting with THS. I’ll be happy knowing they have a future. :slightly_smiling_face:


@ExploreDreamDiscover thank you so much for sharing, and thank you for helping these sweet babies. That is awesome Rescue Pets Movement has a short term foster program. The rescue I volunteer with also has temporary fosters, which is basically a designated start and end date when fostering a pet. Usually it is because the current foster of that pet will be going out of town and needs someone to watch their foster pet while they are away. Since I am a flight attendant and travel often, I can’t commit to fostering full time. So I love the temp foster opportunity where I can foster for a designated short period of time.