Showing My Inner Luddite Now…

Somebody please enlighten me.
There are locked threads on the forum, which means no more comments. A busy topic, for example, was “Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test” which is locked as far as I can see but “new posts” keep appearing. I’ve just been notified of a reply posted 3 hours ago. How is this happening? Do some forumites have greater permissions? Obvs the mods and Angela & Ben will but there’s nothing I can see that identifies the commenter as other than just a member.

If people make a comment on another thread that the mods think is related to the 5-app re, they move that comment to the closed thread. That’s why new comments appear

Thanks for that, which completely answers my question.
Makes it rather disjointed and hard to follow though :thinking:


I agree. I had a post moved and it now makes no sense because it specifically replied to a different post.

It’s also disappointing that we can no longer add to the discussion because comments are paused in that thread. I wanted to commiserate with @Daisy999 on her last post, as I too am losing sleep trying to plan next year’s trip to another timezone. But i can’t now. (I write at 4.30am in Australia after being awake for several hours…)


Once upon a time it was teenagers staying out late that kept me awake, now it’s looking for house sits.
Nice to know I’m not alone at silly o’clock, staring at a phone.