New instructions on the forum

I was just reading the latest posts on the foum and came across this instruction. (See screenshot. Under what circumstances is it used and is it just for me or does everyone see it? It’s on the “where have all the London housesits Gone” post after @ziggy last comment.

Hi @Timshazz

The forum is growing and at times of great activity we sometimes need to either temp close a topic or slow down responses to give moderators time to manage topics and conversations in the most supportive way, particularly when there are periods between shift hand overs when there might not be a member of the Admin team available.

This is one of a number of ways all forums are managed.

Thank you.


Thanks for the explanation. I’ve not seen it before even at the height of recent popular discussions. Just so I fully understand and don’t do the wrong thing …

Is this a new thing?
Does everyone sees the message or only a select few known to engage in said topic?
Is it only for particular topics?
Is it exactly 2 hours?
Does it actually prevent posting or is it a request/suggestion?

Hi @Timshazz no it’s not a new thing and only used for the reasons given.

There are different time ranges which are applied and adjusted dependent on the moderators availability and levels of activity. It simply slows the topic and conversation down.

It’s also very useful in situations where members might get a little too passionate and forthright with each other and say things in haste which had they given themselves time to think may have composed their comment in a completely different way. We would rather give members time to think than have to remove or delete a response.

It has various applications which help and support the good management of the forum for the benefit of the community.


@Timshazz I saw it for the first time today also :person_shrugging:

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I too saw it for the first time today and have never seen different time limits applied.

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The forum is growing rapidly and in relative terms we are very new. Forums which have been in existence much longer have not developed the way our community has, something we all should be very proud of. We have a very unique and special community.

The forum needs it to be the very best place for everyone, where all members can share and connect in a safe environment which is the responsibility of the Admin team to manage.

If you do see the notice again you will know the reason it’s been applied is for the benefit of the community.

I will close this now that your question has been answered.