Bug on the forum?

In the last couple of days I’ve noticed a different window when I open the forum. There used to be a clear window stating how many new messages there were and ‘unread’ messages that I was interested in, however now I get the following which isn’t helpful at all as it includes everything

Hi @Smiley,

Great eye! However this is not a bug it’s a new update. I myself and I believe the rest of the moderator team are also learning to navigate the new set up. It reminds of when Amazon changed their app and it’s main coloring and I could never find it o my phone. It certainly takes some getting used to. If you click on your photo of your profile you’ll also get a drop down menu. I find that menu easier to navigate to the places I want to get to on the forum rather than the one you took a screen shot of. I guess we’ll all be learning this together :slight_smile:


@Smiley - I too thought it was a glitch. Was that update really necessary? Has it improved or simplified using the forum at all?

I’d love to see the list of updates in the pipeline for the future and in what order of priority they are.


Why change something that was working perfectly well, yet not change things that aren’t working well that the majority are complaining about? :flushed:


It wasn’t necessary and doesn’t appear to have improved things.


I couldn’t agree more @Smiley! Another insignificant update that wasn’t necessary when far more important issues need addressing.


@Smiley @temba @Colin … Hi I hope you are all well, thank you for bringing this to the forum as we are sure there will be others who are questioning the change.

Discourse, the platform we use for the forum is not a TrustedHousesitters product, we (the Admin Team) were just as surprised by the update as our community members as we had no advanced notice, if we had we would have put a post up to advise members.

This is as new to us as it is to you and we are looking into the changes to see exactly what has been done and whether there are advantages in the way we communicate across the forum.

We will update everyone with any news.


@Timshazz @Pips @Twitcher @Crookie @blackcatsrule @Itchyfeet @botvot @JackieX

Hi, we didn’t want you to miss this explanation of the forum functionality changes …


Cheers for that. To be honest I didn’t notice the change until I saw the discussion. I don’t use that drop down thingy. But comforting to know the tech team are still focussed on whatever priority list they have. So thank you for clarifying.

I noticed the change yesterday, and like others I think it has made something that was very simple overly complicated now when trying to navigate the menu……… I do wish developers could follow the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”


I love the irony :wink:

I’ve discovered that if you click on ‘everything’ and go to the top it brings up a ‘latest’ tab with the original categories

I haven’t noticed any change on the app either!

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To piggyback on @Angela-HeadOfCommunity’s reply, I googled and found out:

Hope that helps!

I think THS needs you on their team!


I second that @Smiley! Thanks again @geoff.hom for all your great IT advice :grinning: :clap:


Completely unnecessary and frustrating change. As per another post - “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Getting more and more disillusioned with TH each day. May only be a minor issue but many minors become a major.

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Hi @ziggy …,

If you scroll to the beginning of this topic/conversation there is a full explanation about the forum’s changes.

If you can’t find the Admin’s comment about the changes do let us know and we’ll be happy to repost for you.

Thank you


As I haven’t been looking at the forum the last week, I am very surprised by all the changes. No longer can I search for new topics or the latest ones on the app. This is my only possibility to access the forum. Am I the only one to have this issue? On the same basis, I still cannot receive any alerts, I read on the social media that this is not happening only to me, as @Ben-ProductManager and customer services are claiming. Please put your information here.

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