Upcoming Forum Evolution & Changes

Now that the first beta testing end is in sight and a larger batch of invitees will be joining soon, does anyone have questions about the transition?

(Be honest, you would be surprised if I didn’t have any, right? :rofl:)

Technically then, @Angela & @Ben - hopefully you can follow this thread to see people’s questions?

  • What are your plans for all the existing threads? Will they be wiped for a clean slate for the incomers?*

  • Have you decided on changing any of the categories?*

Happy Sunday everyone :hugs:

It was my question too, as we were ONLY testing, I would like to be shorter, to delete, modify some of my posts if they will remain open for the normal forum

How will you present them ? By dates ? Then some members more “ancient” than i may be vexed not to have been part of the testing members ? Because a few of us made an allusion to the testing

Photos need to be reduced and I never managed to reduce mine (i did not get any advice when I asked, I did not see the way to do it, although Angela showed it was possible)

I think topics may be enlarged, in some threads there were different ideas. So it could be subdivided…

Replying to some members, I was wondering whether we could give links to other sites (which are involved or not in pet sitting), like Digital nomads, sitting sites comparasons, or totally different organizations (such as swaps of houses, hospitality sites )

Have a nice sunday too

@Saltrams Good topic and question. I personally think the categories are good and that all posts should be left as is.

Is there any mileage in somehow making any of the categories location-specific? or Sitters(UK) and Sitters(France) etc.

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Well on THS site you can already select locations (countries or even towns) where you would like to sit, or find a sitter, I don’t see what would be the utility to make difference between countries on the forum. Problems are all the world similar, aren’t they ? May be restrictions here and there with the Covid can be different

Whilst the regional idea is good for those of us with tidy minds, it would make too many options; I already have to decide where best to put some of my musings…

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@Saltrams You’re probably right, it’s pretty confusing where to go on forums sometimes and where to post. Just thought that a lot of issues are perhaps location specific.

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@Saltrams @Provence @Jon-JWalking you should have received an email requesting the completion of a user survey, once we have this feedback we will look at actioning any improvements, changes etc in house before inviting additional users.

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@Angela-CommunityManager Completed the feedback but generally really like the layout and feel of the forum. It needs to be a place where all users feel comfortable to post and reply, preferably short and to the point. Over long posts drive users away.


Thank you and for your wonderful contributions over the past couple of weeks during the test. Having an informative and enjoyable Forum where all of our community feel enabled to connect is the ultimate goal @Jon-JWalking

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i’ve filled the survey.
I though we had to explain more what we liked or not. I’ve been very surprised how some topics (like “money”) did not draw much attention when there was a heavy debate which lasted days on digital nomads.
Surprised too few owners were involved. I guess Angela has contacted a few ? So the forum might concern more sitters, who share their experiences if this reflects the general situation (the sample was small to make estimations)
I was really amazed to see we could “win” badges. What for ? I’m probably too old to feel it’s important to get rewarded…
I thought a little boring to see the answers published one under the other, time ot their publication explains that. When some members were replying to such and such member, arriving in between general replies. It’s a little confusing. You loose the thread
It would be better if general replies were on the left, replies to somebody in particular more on the right (or in another color ? )
I know I’m often too long, so may be there must be a limit to posts ? For sure if what you write does not mean much for the community, it’s rather stupid to bother all.
I looked at all hearts given to such an such post, i wonder whether it was only polite to add a heart (showing you are the one who has read it) or it meant more : you agree but you do’t feel necessary to add a comment (may be you are too lazy)

Not had much experience of forums prior to this but some content feels more like blog material. Bouncing quick fire chit, chat, questions and thoughts was more how I thought it would be. Feel overwhelmed!!


I’m sad you feel overwhelmed but I do see what you mean (I think!)
It would be good to see the blog-type stories to which you refer either kept to the blog or to a specific category in the forum. And ironically I agree totally that posts should be kept short & to the point (although I’m a prime suspect when it comes to sabotaging that principle).
Maybe, because this is a test, there had been rather more white noise than there would be on a live forum. Also, if like me you haven’t yet shut off the emails for every post it can seem very intrusive.
I do hope you stick with it; remember it isn’t demanding your attention, you are in control & just dip in as much as you feel comfortable.
Hope to see you (virtually) on the live forum :hugs:


@Provence @Jon-JWalking @Saltrams thank you all for your participation.

Your contributions, engagement and activity were purposeful and provided valuable insight and to clarify, for the purpose of this test, all moderator and staff interaction was deliberately kept to a minimum.

The task now is analyse feedback and adjust, modify and change accordingly.

Thank you again.

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Bon courage !!!

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@Angela-CommunityManager You’re more than welcome, really enjoyed it.

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