Glitch on main site?

Is it me or is there a glitch on the main THS site today? - clicking on my profile name does not create a dropdown box so I can only access the forum by typing in the URL . I also tried to find a sitter in a specific area but that is not working either?

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@Colin We have had an issue today when trying to reply to messages whereby a message had disappeared that was there before and then another issue where we started to compose a reply which subsequently just disappeared so it’s possible there might be a glitch on the main page today.

yes, definitely something is not right, I just tried using a different laptop and the problems are the same - I just noticed that none of the filter tabs when searching for a sit are working either

Thanks @Colin will report can you DM and let me know your device etc.,

Yes, I’ve had a few glitches too whilst applying for a sit. Got there in the end though

Yes, thanks, thought it was just me. the app seems to be ok, by my desktop profile does nothing, Hopefuly sorted soon

I’m also having trouble with the main THS site @Angela-HeadOfCommunity as I can’t even log into my account! I could log into the Forum from the link on the website but when I check out a member’s profile like Piolo’s, no photos appear and I can’t read more about them when clicking on that link. Sounds like the system is on strike!!

Thanks @temba I have forwarded the Tech Team the link to this topic which lists all member comments.

Ok - It seems as if everything is up and running again :white_check_mark:


My issues seem to have been resolved too. Thanks Tech team :clap: