Silent treatment by host of confirmed sit

yes, fingers crossed…

tbh I am at the point where I would be quite happy if the host cancelled this sit. I don’t have a great feeling about them now.


I wish at times when it’s really needed, you could just call and talk to a person at THS

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Not ideal for you @cat.tails nor, far more importantly, a good sign at all for smooth runnings for the sit.

I personally would withdraw at this stage now I knew they were fine and leave a polite message as to why.

I totally understand your reluctance to, as you made a meaningful commitment. But this is, I think, troubling conduct. Do let us know how things pan out if you do the sit!

In my first year having done 18 sits, I’ve learned to listen to my instincts and to read their conduct pre sit as a reliable indicator on how how the sit will run.

I now won’t accept a sit without a first video call (I learnt that the hard way). I never arrange a video call without connecting with them on WhatsApp first. I don’t accept a sit invitation until I have their address.

Best wishes


the host has still not replied to my 7 messages sent on various dates since 18 August…

If I was in your shoes @cat.tails, I would be asking THS to cancel the sit on your behalf where they have made contact with the owner but you have heard nothing since from the owner. Go with your gut feeling.


I’d cancel this sit, because if they’re uncommunicative even after being contacted by THS, I’d worry that they’d be uncommunicative and uncaring during a sit. Those are the kind of HOs I avoid.


Good advice above ^^.

I’ll wait a few more days and see if they reply to me over the weekend.


Honestly? They are well and healthy? Why would they speak to someone at ths who I assume, told them their sitter was worried about their lack of communication, then wouldn’t jump straight away on either their phone, ths app, email, anything to make contact with you and reassure you. Honestly, I’d be furious to still be left in the dark and would have a real good chat with ths again and ask them to cancel this sit. I would be worried about their lack of response in the case of an emergency while on the sit.
Your call, but don’t feel bad if you prefer cancelling, you have all the reasons to believe you won’t be fully supported while on your sit


I have to say this doesn’t sound like a HO who values your time or effort and that can’t bode well for the sit. What do their reviews look like. On the app are there a lot of sitters who have not left a review or only reviewed the pets?

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THS staff contacted the host again yesterday/Friday morning to give them a nudge, but I still have not heard from the host since 18 August.

Time to bite the bullet and get THS to cancel the sit from your end @cat.tails.

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They don’t deserve you @cat.tails - really they don’t! #cancelthatsit

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Therese (THS Member Experience Executive) will be working on Monday morning - I will email her then to discuss my options if I haven’t heard from the host this weekend.

I am a full-time nomadic cat sitter. I already bought my train tickets to/from this confirmed sit as I prefer to buy Advance price rail tickets but I have now started to look at alternative accommodation options for those dates.

@Keldin the host had one sit reviewed so far, no blank reviews

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@cat.tails - massive alarm bells and concern about what you will face on the sit itself.

I understand your concern about tickets and nomadic set up. That should not put you in a weaker or more exposed position. I really feel for you. So many sitters must be in a similar setup

But this sounds very troubling. It bodes very badly for you. I would request THS to cancel. And find somewhere else. So many options out there.

Plus an HO should not be shown that it’s ok to behave this way. Or they will just carry on and do the same to others. There needs to be consequences for them too. For the sake of all concerned.

Think of the trouble/worry/effort it has already caused you. There would be an outcry were it the other way around.

Continuing membership should depend on fair and reasonable behaviour by all parties. Where it is in question (very rare indeed) THS need to support robustly if the sitter needs assistance. Otherwise it undermines the integrity of the whole system and affects all. I stress, this is very rare and therefore not likely to be needed often.

Wishing you all the best @cat.tails and you have our support. So keep reaching out and know you are not alone whatever you choose to do.


@cat.tails I suggest you edit your forum profile temporarily to show you at the location where your train ticket will take you. Your original post here shows when you planned to arrive there. Maybe there’s someone on the forum who could assist you in some way, either by taking an unplanned vacation or just have information that could help.

I also suggest you temporarily change your TrustedHousesitters profile to the same destination. Then if someone is looking for a local sitter they may contact you. It’s a long shot, I realize, but it’s not time consuming and it may just work.

I do think you are being overly kind to owners who are disrespecting you. I would not feel comfortable doing that sit at this stage, after what you’ve been through with them. There isn’t any excuse at this point that would satisfy me.


Wow @Snowbird these are such great ideas. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I didn’t know any of that.

Really hope this will help @cat.tails. You’re right - they have already been through enough and still being so patient.

I was wondering last night, whether @cat.tails could do a search under the destination location and then temporarily ’favourite’ any that were near that location and the HOs would potentially reach out too?

thank you, that’s a very good suggestion.

I am happy enough to leave my location as London for now. On the day that the cat sit in question starts, I will be travelling back to London on the eurostar from Paris - so alternative accommodation is just as likely to be in London or within an hour’s train trip from London (which includes the current confirmed sit with uncommunicative host).

Re the train tickets that I already purchased for this sit, worst case scenario is that they are forfeited but it will help teach me the lesson to be more careful when dealing initially with potential hosts in future. No pain no gain, as they say!

I have done 40+ cat sits on THS & one other hosting platform and this is the first time this has ever happened. Live and learn…


Im assuming you didn’t do an initial ‘meet’ over WhatsApp before confirming?

you are correct. This is one of the few sits that I confirmed without doing a video chat.

Of the 40+ sits that I have done so far, a few were done in this way (no phone or video chat) and there were no problems.

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Ive only done 3 so far but I’ve learnt to cancel if my application is totally ignored.
I think if admin have been in touch and they still don’t respond to you, I would send a polite message saying you assumed they no longer needed you and pull out. Very stressful for you :disappointed: