Silent treatment by host of confirmed sit

I found a different link on another thread

It is not much use though as there is not enough space in the submit box to describe my problem - I will try it anyway…

I have not had a reply from yet, not even the automatic/robotic response that says we received your message blah blah blah

Maybe THS has dropped all email support to members?

@cat.tails ….Another way is to go to the chatbot / live chat and ask to speak to a human …if one isn’t available they pass the message on and get back to you …

I really dislike chat boxes, they are too often no use at all - even when they are supposedly human and the robots are even worse!

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Have you checked your junk / spam e-mail some of my THS messages end up there but not others I have no idea why :woman_shrugging:t2:

Another thing - mark e-mail as URGENT

I think this email address is incorrect?

I will now try

which was suggested by someone else on this thread - but tbh I can’t find it on the THS site. I wonder why the support email address is not easy to find on the THS website?

nothing in spam.

I suspect that the email address recommended by @Samox24 is incorrect or out of date?

NOTE: I just got an automatic response from THS after sending an email to

Thank you for contacting TrustedHousesitters.

We will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.

etc etc

Hi @Silversitters
Katie_Mc is not on line so I can answer this question.

Membership services will alway endeavour to make contact with the owner and have them contact the sitter asap, for a smooth handover (or visa versa). The cause of a lack of communication can vary for so many different reasons, so each situation is taken on a one on one basis. If there is a report of constant lack of communication, membership services will email a warning to the member.

It is always best in these cases to contact membership services immediately.

Hi @cat.tails as @Silversitters mentioned, you can go to the chat box and request to speak to a human.

Sorry @cat.tails my apologies, yes the correct email to contact MS is

Hopefully the HO will respond soon and there is a simple explanation. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:

I have had this situation a couple of time now. I have had sit confirmed and then owner will say they will send details nearer the time, which can mean only about a week beforehand. They do not seem to relaise how nervous it can make you feel when you have no idea where you are going etc. Frequently people will live in an unnamed small village, a few miles from the town mentioned on their profile., Also there may not be an outside photo of the property, only inside and the back garden/grounds. It would be good and more reassuring if when a sit is confirmed that you are automatically sent the address and phone details, rather than waiting for a Welcome Guide that does not always materialise.


I don’t have good experience with chat boxes, either human or robot so I avoid them. Even the humans write like robots in those types of chat boxes!

Email is better :slight_smile:

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THS have emailed the host - hopefully they will respond soon :slight_smile:

@cat.tails fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Visit
I strongly believe that it is up to the sitter to ask these questions during the application process.
I do not confirm a sitting until I have the address or at least the post code so that I know where it is.
I ask for the Welcome Guide or Word doc immediately and chase up if not received.
Make sure that you have phone numbers and email address as soon as you are confirmed.


In many ways, I agree with you. However, I can imagine that some hosts might not give their address and phone number before a sit is confirmed, and then the sitter might get stuck without address and contact details if the host also does not give their address and contact details immediately after the sit is confirmed.

Some hosts might also not reply to whatsapp, phone, sms/text or other message platforms even when the sitter got those contact details from them.

It should not be impossible for a host to keep in touch with their confirmed sitter (and vice versa) via the THS site. Some hosts might even prefer that. I don’t think anyone should be faulted for (only) communicating via the platform which we both (sitter and host) are members of.

If a host gets very ill - or worst case scenario, dies - then having their contact details might not help much anyway. In my case, I can see that the host did not log in to THS to read my messages since 18 August. I imagine that they get an email notif of new messages (same as I do) but for some reason, they did not then log in to THS. Or maybe they also did not log in to their email since 18th August - which makes me think they are either very ill or worse.

In future I will be a lot stricter with myself re host’s home address, phone numbers for whatsapp/facetime etc and will try to remember never to confirm a sit until the host gives me all their contact info.

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@cat.tails You have every right to be concerned about the well-being of the Owner. My mind would have taken me down the same thought process.

Hopefully they are just very busy with something else and not thinking much about their upcoming travel.

This is another classic example of why the phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses of the Owner should be available to the Sitters when a Sit is confirmed. If you were able to CALL them (what a novel idea!), perhaps they would answer their phone.

Apparently the host is alive and well. They missed seeing notifications of 7 messages sent on 4 different dates since 18 August.

I am still waiting for a reply from the host but apparently they spoke with THS staff this morning.


Thank you for the update @cat.tails and I am pleased contact has now been made.

Contact has been made between THS staff and the host but not yet between me and the host - they still have not logged in to their THS account to read my 7 messages since 18th August

Hi @cat.tails hopefully you will hear from them very soon now they are aware.