Sits gone by the time I receive an alert

I’m finding a lot of sits are already closed by the time I receive the alert that they are available, even when I look at the sit as soon as I receive the alert.

Does anyone else have experience of this and/or know how this keeps happening?

Many thanks.

Hi @Shinding, you just need to read some of the other threads to realise this is a huge issue amongst members because of the THS auto pausing of listings once 5 applications have been received.

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Hi @Shinding and it great to see you posting again on the Forum

As @temba mentioned there are various other threads on here with regards to this. I have attached a couple of links to threads that you may find of interest.

For reference, you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask! :blush:

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The alerts are not instant as advertised, I contacted member services about this to complain that it is misleading to say they they are instant- when they are often already reviewed by the time I receive them - they said that they are hourly alerts ( not instant) they gave be 2 months free membership for the inconvenience .

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But I’m finding they’re gone before I receive an alert so how are other people replying before that?

People who are doing random searches come across new posts all the time.

Especially those of us who are looking for gap filling sits, between two locations that are already booked.

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@Shinding, if you read @Silversitters comment, you will see alerts are not instant when a new sit is listed. Also it can depend on the time zone you’re in and the time zone of the listing. If you’re asleep, by the time you wake, one of your favourites or saved searches could easily have received 5 applications if in another time zone. Other sitters are on the site frequently so can see sits before you receive the notification.

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Thanks very much Samox - appreciate the links

It is misleading as I’m missing out on even applying for a lot of sits. Thanks for your reply though


@Shinding very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Sits that you have individually favourited will alert on the app relatively quickly (minutes).
Sits that are part of a search will alert slower (within 15 minutes or so).
In a popular city a sit can reach 5 applications within a few minutes. I’m able to see if a sit has become available before the near instant alert for people who have favourited that particular sit and have watched them go from 0 to 5 application within 2 minutes of the alert being sent.
If there is a particular sit you want mark it as a favourite otherwise get used to applying for the less popular locations.

It is up to an hour. I can see that I get those alerts at a nearly constant number of minutes past the hour.

Those saved searches need to be created in the app, and the alerts come in the app (when it all works…).

Saved searches created in the web interface are different. Those notifications come once a day, in an email at local evening.

My notifications seem to come in batches, with varying frequency.

@pietkuip Is the difference in notification behavior between app created and web created searches still true?

I thought that was fixed. I have not seen emails in a while, and I know I have searches created both ways.

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Yes, it is still true. I get daily emails for the three saved searches that can be created in the web interface.

And I get notifications in the app for saved searches that I created on my phone (at most 10 searches on my basic membership). Those for France come at 10 minutes past the hour, those for the Netherlands or Belgium at different times. (And yesterday, that was broken.)

The THS user interface does not make any sense. They are different beasts but they are in the same lists.

For some reason our favourite sits rather than country alerts, come faster to us on the app. That might be another alert to set up and see if it helps @Shinding