Sitter booked in February just cancelled our August sit

In a slight panic here as we booked our sitters in February for a week in August. We actually booked them 3 times and they have cancelled us before but as it was only a weekend we thought OK and were able to find another sitter, then they asked if we could find another sitter for the last few days on the next sit which we accommodated as we really wanted them for the August sit and now they have just cancelled us with 5 weeks to go.

I have updated our posting and reached out to anyone who has shown a smidgeon of liking to our post in the past but sadly no takers. Beginning to feel mightily stressed. Our week is just before the August bank holiday weekend in peak season and there are no alternatives available anywhere. My godson is getting married in France.

I have tried the ‘bounce’ but still no takers. Flights and accommodation all booked.

Has anybody else had this happen to them? Any more advice please.

Hi @Catswoody
Firstly a big red flag to those sitters who have let you down before and for August. I think that someone from THS may want to speak to you about that as people (sitters and owners) should only cancel in extreme circumstances.
Please try not to worry as there’s still plenty of time before your dates, although I can appreciate you would. You’ve had several happy sitters already, your pets look lovely, you’ve got super pics and a nice profile. I’m just really sorry I can’t help you as am sitting for good friends in Winchester during your dates.
Anyway, try to keep positive and good luck!


@Catswoody Hello Sally. As Smiley has mentioned, it appears as though it would be appropriate to contact membership services to review the details of these cancellations of confirmed sits. It’s important that all members follow through on their commitment, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

I’ve looked at your listing and I would suggest you reword your headline. I’ll add a link here of how to edit your listing title. You need it to focus on your key features. I would suggest Car available & family friendly as these two things may increase the number of interested sitters.

Given your circumstances, I also suggest that you ask for your listing to be promoted on social media. If you’d like that done, you will need to direct message @Angela-HeadOfCommunity (by clicking on her username here) as she needs your prior approval. Here are some of the keys features of doing that:

Volunteer moderator :canada:


This looks like a beautiful sit. I encourage everyone to take a look. We would have applied for it if we weren’t already booked.


It looks like a nice sit in a comfortable home with beautiful animals and a car is included as well! 5 weeks are still a long time and you can ask THS staff to boost your listing. We would maybe include a bit more info about your animals: e.g. how long can they be left alone and how much “work” is involved. We have had a couple of young dogs and sometimes we were able to do our own work just fine, but other times the dog itself was a full-time job. It’s likely to be very hot, so maybe I would also include details about watering. We did one sit where we had to manually water the plants for 3 hours (!) every day.

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Many thanks to Sally for trusting me with her lovely home, beloved cat, and three hens! The house and gardens are beautiful and cozy at the same time and located in a quiet area of Cambridge. Milo, the cat, was very sweet, undemanding, and easy to care for. Communication was excellent before and throughout the housesit and I especially appreciated her support and understanding when one of the hens took ill. Together we managed to get the hen the help that she needed. All in all, it was a wonderful housesit that I can wholeheartedly recommend! Andrea

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