List now or closer to October? Sitters, what do you think?

It would be great if homeowners posted further out.

I’d love to have 6 months + scheduled at all times. This way I’m not zigzaging all over the place. Flight prices have made a steep increase. The more time the better.

Yes, things do happen. That’s what insurance is for. Example:

When a 6-week sit canceled, it was fine. Airlines don’t charge change fees, plus the trip was insured, although I haven’t needed it. The sit I was at extended their trip since I was available. Then, a new sit was scheduled for a couple who almost canceled their honeymoon because their normal sitter canceled.

So far there are still 5 gap days. If a sit doesn’t come along, I can stay in a hotel (paid in part by insurance) or, one of my precious home owners invited me to their house. Flights are about $800 to home, even when searching for flights 7 weeks in advance.

It all works out in the end :slight_smile:


I’m also trying to organise 2023 and appreciate some forward planning especially if the sit involves international travel and flights. Post as early as you can!


Insurance is definitely a good idea. The sits planned more than 2-4 months ahead that we have accepted very often got cancelled for one reason or another (not only because of Covid / restrictions) and it happens very often that the dates change by a few days (our current hosts got rebooked 3 times and then they had to rebook themselves a fourth time because a parent was dying).


I will need a sitter in mid February for 37 days and am wondering when will be the best time to publish the dates. Should I do it earlier than I normally would because of the length?
I am in Vancouver WA and do not get as many applicants as I did in California. It will be winter here although the winters are not normally harsh.

@Cawall This is not an answer to your question but I have two suggestions about your listing. For your heading I would remove the first part as that’s a given. The second part is more likely to draw people in. I would also follow up with your most recent sitter by exchanging reviews. Having the most recent sitter not provide feedback can be seen as a concern by some sitters.


I cannot see how to change the title.
What do people do if they have a sitter they would not recommend?

Hi @Cawall in your account dashboard there is a box and it says “Edit Listing” … click on that and a editing page will open, the “Listing Title” is the last heading … click edit and change

Hi @Cawall I hope you are managing to change your title with instructions I’ve sent also I’m going to DM you about the second part of your question, re: sitter, so that I can help you on a one to one basis.

I am booked through Nov. and am looking to next year so I would say post now, especially if you feel your sit will draw people who will fly or is for an extended period. A short sit that will draw new pet sitters to the platform, I would post closer to your departure. We have booked 9-12 months ahead and then created an itinerary around the sit. However, I have not posted my home for next fall because I am waiting to learn if my son will be living at home. I do not like to post until all details are confirmed. I had a pet sitter cancel and had to re-post with under a weeks notice. I had no problem getting good applicants who were looking to build a greater review portfolio.


as I sitter I prefer to have sits posted earlier. We are full time sitters and as such need to plan ahead. I am often surprised at sits for 6 weeks or more posted with just a month before needed. It is rare that sitter would be available for such a long period at such short notice. We are fully booked to the end of November this year. As full time sitters we do not anticipate not being able to do a sit we have committed to unless some tragedy were to befall, and in that case, as there are two of us one of us would honour the commitment to sit if at all possible


Would you like to spend 5 weeks in Vancouver WA in mid Feb?

Maybe it would appeal to skiers perhaps?

We’re looking for a dog sitter for 6 weeks from Sept. We live in Santa Monica/LA & have a 1+ year old adorable pooch, Chelsie. Just wondering what else need to do—have been member for awhile, but 1st time on Forum—didn’t know about it!
Any help/input much appreciated.

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Hi @baf and welcome to the forum. Creating a detailed listing is the best way to find a good housemate for Chelsie. Here’s a blog post to help with that:

How to create the perfect listing

You can also embed your listing in your forum username/profile so that forum members can view it and give constructive feedback.

How to add your listing to your forum username/profile

There are lots of interesting posts on the forum. You can use the spyglass to search key words. If you don’t have an answer to your question, post it and forum members will do their best to help you.

Great question!

As a sitter, educational trainer, and teacher I am already planning my trips through the end of March next year. During the next 9 months I will be going back to the States, down through Mexico, over to Australia, and then back to Africa to work with different schools. I have to plan far in advance, so that I can obtain the best airfair and ensure that the teachers are available for training. Plus it takes time to obtain different vias and the cost for each country can vary.

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As a professional sitter, I can assure you, that by posting 2-3 months in advance works to both parties benefit.
The owner has time to sift through the applications. The sitter has time to arrange their job list.


OOH! PLEASE take Snowbirds advice and post your link! I’m so homesick for Los Angeles!! I’m not sure I can do the dates, but I’d love to mark your listing as a favorite for future opportunities!

Due to the dread lurgie it’s been difficult for anyone to make plans over the past 2 years but as full-time house-sitters we’d like to plan for long sits a year in advance. We’re booked almost solidly till January.

I usually sit internationally so I like to plan in advance. For example, I’m starting a sit in mid-August that I booked at the beginning of May. I think for sits longer than a week or so it’s best to provide as much notice as possible.

Thanks so much for helpful (I hope/haven’t followed your instructions yet😌). I’m feeling bit overwhelmed right now, so will wait til tomorrow am when have more motivation to hunker down & do…Were members for 20 yrs., & spent hours upon hours writing/revising our Bethesda, MD listing (outside Washington, DC), then same for Santa Monica, where now live.
We’re leaving HE & TrustedHousesitters seems like (in theory) ideal for us since we’ll be in Europe for 6 weeks & Maarten & I frankly nervous about leaving our rescue Chelsie who we’ve only had for 5 mos./she’s a yr. old @ a pet hotel/boarding place.
Anyhow—will get on it tomorrow, sorry for long-winded email & thanks for your reply,