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HO here - wondering how far in advance should we post our sit listings? We have several trips planned for 2023 spring/summer, but not sure if posting yet is a good idea?

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I’m a sitter and I think it depends on your location. If you’re living a very desirable location I wouldn’t see the need to post that far in advance. I don’t like to apply on postings too far in advance although I have on occasion done so on international sits. For local sits, I usually apply one ones that are just a few weeks or a month away. I’m sure you’ll receive lots of feedback from other homeowners and sitters on this.


For me, the sooner the better. Once you have your dates finalised why not list it and see if anyone applies? I like to be organised in advance and am finding it very frustrating at the moment the lack of sits being posted well in advance.


@Murphmag we are sitters and typically book 6 months out, when traveling long distances. We have confirmed sits into May 2023. Do you have prior experience with posting sits in advance? If so, how well did that advance planning work out for you? If I was a homeowner, I’d prefer to have things confirmed in advance, then concentrate on enjoying the time between now and your vacation without further concerns of finding a sitter that fits your needs. The majority of full time sitters I’ve spoken to, book quite a bit in advance, however, I’m sure there are exceptions to that thought process. Best of luck in your search!


Yes, definitely post them early. You have the option to change dates etc. as it gets closer, if your plans change. But as a sitter, we love to plan in advance and always leave some room on either end of the dates for fluctuations. Obviously, if it’s a sit close to home, we are much more flexible. But if it’s something that we have to fly in for, we appreciate being able to plan early. Flight prices are much better then.


If your sits are two weeks or longer, I would move forward to post them now. If they are shorter sits, I would wait until 2023 to post them. Good luck.


Definitely post now or as soon as your travel dates are firm. Sitters also need to plan their travel to your location.


I agree with @ElsieDownie on the sooner, the better. We’re booked up until Aug 2023 with only one month left to fill. It’s good to get it up if you know you’re going away then in theory, you’ll get lots of sitters applying and give them time to book flights & make travel plans :+1:

This probably already has been debated a couple of times here. We prefer to apply 2-3 months in advance, but others want to plan really far ahead. In general we avoid confirming sits way ahead of time because those sits often end up being cancelled for various reasons (restrictions, health, family matters, work etc.). Remember that for your sitter the situation might also change significantly in the intervening period and don’t be disappointed if they need to cancel a few months before the sit. Once I saw a listing here where the HO voiced his frustration that he was already on his third cancellation for the same sit after first listing more than a year ago (he still had 3-4 months to find his fourth sitter). This must be exceedingly rare / unlucky, though!

It’s good to get it up if you know you’re going away then in theory, you’ll get lots of sitters applying and give them time to book flights & make travel plans”

If “lots of sitters applying” means more than five applications, then deleting applicants and unpausing the listing to be able to receive more applications is the only way to achieve this…

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Thanks everyone for their responses. We’ll get our 2023 sit dates posted very soon. Looking forward to applicants.

I’ve noticed here in Australia that the listings up north in Queensland have a lot of applicants for winter '23. We are all trawling through THS looking for the ultimate sunny escape next winter. That is one example of listing 10-12 months in advance successfully.