Sitter cancelled for Thanksgiving

Hello All,
I just had a sitter cancel outside the code of conduct. She just decided it was inconvenient or perhaps found a “better sit” for the same dates. She seemed to think it was perfectly ok to do so. No actual excuse. I did contact membership services and they said they will re-list but I’m hoping that by reaching out through the forum I might find a sitter for my pup. We are in San Francisco. Not sure how to link my listing, will it do it automatically?

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Ugh! Wish I could help out but I’m already sitting in SF for the week around T’giving. It would help if you could link the sit to this thread.

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Hi @mmdt. I’m glad to see you’re back on the forum, but sorry that the reason you’re here is a sitter cancelled for the up-coming holiday. I’ve taken the liberty to add a link to your listing to your forum profile, so maybe someone here will see it and be able to help you. You live in a wonderful part of San Francisco, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a replacement. If I weren’t in Europe I’d jump at this sit!

Best wishes for a quick, quality replacement.

Do you know how I link it?

The link is in your profile now, so everyone here can see it.

Thanks so much Karen! Really appreciate it. Since it’s over the Thanksgiving holiday here, lots of people have already made plans.

Your listing is now tagged as “reviewing applications” which I believes prevents anyone from applying. I hope that is accurate and you got lots of good applicants by posting here!

Thanks for letting me know. That needs to be corrected. I will reach out to member services.

Hi @mmdt I’m sorry to hear about your sitter’s cancellation and the Membership Services Team are the best to help you with this however there are other things we can do, your listing can be shared on our Social Channels, FB & Twitter if you would like to know more please Direct Message me … I have also unpaused your listing, the dates are now live again on the site.

“Maxine and Daniel’s home is located in a beautiful area of San Francisco, and is very close to the Presidio which provides a multitude of beautiful walking trails. Ginger loves to walk and we explored many different trails together over the course of the sit. There are also other nearby parks within walking distance where you can see beautiful views of San Francisco.” … Jill previous sitter.

Ginger is adorable and looks to be the pawfect dining companion :wink: :dog: :wink:


Hi Angela,

Thanks so much for your response. I don’t have a FB or Twitter account so I’m assuming those routes won’t work for me. I did reach out to Conor again to see why my listing states “currently reviewing applicants”, because we are not. The sooner it can be removed for that category, the sooner I might get applicants contacting me, is that correct?


Maxine (MMDT)

Hi @mmdt I have unpaused your listing and you don’t need to have any Social Media accounts, we share your listing on our Social platforms and this helps give extra visibility but it is still only members who can apply and through the site … If you would like your listing shared please send me a Direct Message …

Hi Wander. Just a question: Are you sure that “reviewing applications” means no one can contact you (me!) I have had someone cancel for next year and the “reviewing applications” is just above the dates I’m asking for someone to sit. If you are correct no one will ever contact me!!!

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No I’m not positive, that’s why I said I believe that’s how it works. But one of the moderators said she went in and “unpaused” the original posters sit. You might want to contact member services or see if one of the mods pops in.

OK, thanks. I shall contact services.

Maybe not ideal, but if you get stuck I have a wonderful petsitter friend in SF who may be able to add you to her TG holiday pet visits.