Sitter/Owner Pre-sit telephone conversations

Hi all
What do homeowners look for in a telephone conversation with a potential pet sitter?
I’m always afraid I might just jabber on Willy Nilly.

We just answers their questions honestly and don’t prepare for that. The question is rather: would you like to ask anything? Depending on the animal we usually prepare a list of questions in our mind or on paper.

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@Crazydoglady that’s a great question and after having been on both sides of the telephone, I would just say be yourself…open and honest about yourself, your expectations, etc. This platform is based on Trust so it is important to be very honest with your answers. Ask lots of questions yourself about the animals, expectations, etc., so there are hopefully no surprises.

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If you use the looking glass and search “owner questions” you will get several threads that will give you lots of pointers

Thank you Debbie

Telephone call or video call? If you get used to the latter, your communication should be better overall. For example, while telling a story, you can observe their body language to tell how engaged they are, if they want to interject, etc.

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