Sitter Ratings

Does anyone remember the description of the ratings? For example is an overall 3 - Good; 4 -Very Good and 5 - Excellent?

Also what the individual categories of Reliable, Tidy, Pet Care star ratings are?

Many threads on this. Check this one: When “very good” is not good enough

I haven’t seen a description table of star ratings provided by THS. I’d find it super useful!

When the mouse hovers over the stars, a label shows up. As I remember, five stars is “excellent”, four stars is “very good”.

But that can mean just anything @pietkuip I’d like to have something more comprehensive.

Before you select the rating, it gives you a description. For example, 5 for reliable may be very reliable. I just dont remember what they are and you only seem them when putting in a rating.

Thanks, thats what im looking for. In addition, to the individual categories. Unfortunately, I dont have anyone to review now so can’t find the descriptions.