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I know there is a section that allows hosts to post last-minute sits in the Forum. Is there a way for sitters to post last-minute availability? For instance, I am in Northern France and I just realized that I will need the leave the Schengen territory for 2 weeks. I am considering all options. Is there a way to post my situation for hosts who may be looking?

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Have you tried searching available sits for your dates in those areas? Seems to me that would be an easy first step.

There are loads of sits in the UK. I’ve got no doubt that if you search for a sit there, you will find one, even on short notice.

Hi @SunshineAndAloha yes we do allow last minute sits within 7 days of the start date and there are very few which come to the forum.

The website is the very best place to find sits at anytime it’s where our owner members are looking for sitters, the forum has a small percentage of owners in comparison.

If we allowed sit requests from owners and sitters the forum would lose it’s purpose and become an extension of the website and not a place for conversation and connections about all things pet and housesitting.

Good luck with your search there are many amazing opportunities on the website.

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Go to the UK! Plenty of sits there right now!