Sitters changing their plans without withdrawing

When I accept a sit I go through my applications list and withdraw other apps for the dates. If there has been a message exchange I’ll just send a brief message explaining that I’ve taken another sit - or if no message from the HO, just uncheck the box.


Reading the posts following yours, I’m surprised some sitters apply to many owners, and then don’t warn them they are no more available once they have found the good match.
On my side, when a sitter does not reply to my private invitation, I put a label on his name : “no answer” (which is different from the other label created “negative answer given” ), and i will never select him or her in the future.
if that sitter applies after having seen my offer I’ll explain I’ ve been shocked by his previous lack of answer.
I can’t delete messages but i can still open messages in archive.
I always answer to all applicants (with a personal message)
Many THS members complain about the lack of answer by owners, it’s unfortunately true also on the sitters side.
It’s so easy to write a message you just have to paste to owners (or sitters) politeness seems to me essential


Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel about it and what I do.
No sitter will ever be selected by me when a previous application wasn’t withdrawn. I put a tag on each sitter who applied, and like this I know exactly how the exchange went (or happened at all). It’s a matter of organization, and if the message system in the dashboard is not practical, one should find another way to keep track. There’s still pen and paper.

This might seem picky to some but to me it’s courtesy.
As I write a personal message to each applicant, no matter if he or she is a fit, if it’s the beginning of a conversation or a decline, I expect the same from the applicant when he/she chooses a different sit. It doesn’t even have to be a personal message. It can be a simple “I am sorry that I am not available for your dates anymore…”
It can’t be that complicated.