Sitters not needed

I didn’t get a email with sorry I didn’t get house sit. I was the only one who applied and they read my application.

Hi, Do you mean, that the sit you applied for has been withdrawn?
You might not know that you were the only applicant, because the advertised sit will show only a bracket number of applicants eg 0 to 3, 4 to 7, 8 to 11 and so on.
So you might have been the third of three people to have applied.

Not sure it was at 0 to 3 when I applied. They opened my email approx 2 days later.then it came up on their profile as sitter not needed.

I think, it’s fairly certain that the HOs have changed their mind and withdrawn the sit. As such you would not get a message saying you were unsuccessful on this occasion.
I THINK that’s how it works if the HO withdraws the sit.
Courtesy should dictate that they at least send you a PM to let you know, but often this doesn’t happen these days.

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@Genevere if a Homeowner changes their mind about needing a sitter and deletes the sit dates you applied for from their listing, you should get an automated email. I only know this because I received one within the last week!

What may have happened is that the Homeowner has paused their listing so they don’t receive and more applications, giving them time to read their applications and perhaps contact their preferred applicant. In this case, the listing does show as “No sitter needed”.

As @LTD said, you will never know if you were the only one to apply (unless a homeowner tells you) because the listing only gives a range for the number of applications. The lowest is 0-3 applicants, then 4-7 and so on. So if the listing shows as 0-3, you might be the first to apply, or you might be the second or third applicant.