Sitters, PLEASE read the listing before applying!

That must be very frustrating for you. I think these days we all have so much to read that many people simply skim. It’s not always easy to remember everything a HO has written, and possible to become confused with other listings when being interviewed by several HOs.
I found at one of the sits I did there was so much information that I literally couldn’t take it all in (was only there for a few nights), and was also working.

Perhaps a key point list would be an idea, and then expand on this during interview ?

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Sometimes the HOs do not really know about that. So I check with Google maps. However, this requires that the listing gives information about location. In a city, I want to know the suburb. In the countryside, I want to know what village the sit is in.

Incredibly, many HOs are very vague and secretive about that in their listing. And I won’t send an application to find out.

If the ONLY amenity listed by the HO is basic wifi does this mean I’ll be staying in the garden shed or should I take a camping tent? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So funny @BonnyinBrighton :laughing:
The HO amenities list used to be far less extensive than it is now. These HOs simply may not have updated their listing recently.

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I noticed recently that bedding is now an amenity that owners can add …

I had assumed until now that all HOs would be expected to provide bedding as a minimum !!


Oh my goodness. I wonder how many HO will leave that unchecked on purpose (as in, they really want their sitters to bring their own bedding) and how many sitters will not notice. As a HO, I think it’s ridiculous to expect sitters to bring their own bedding.


We have always had bedding provided (& only once was it unwashed…eek!!!)

Bedding shouldn’t be listed as an amenity, it’s a basic requirement as part of accommodations. Pretty soon THS will probably tell HOs they don’t even need to provide a bed.


Totally agree! And it would certainly rule out international sitters. I am not carrying my bedding or buying it there🤷‍♀️
Good gracious!
I just got a review from an owner who was SO delighted that I had washed and remade the bed as well as the towels. Unless I had to be out VERY early in the morning, I would do that. Wouldn’t you?
I think the basic human rule is to leave as place as you found it (or slightly better).