Sitters who are couples but list as a single person

Quite a few sitters who respond to my requests present themselves as a single individual, then mention a husband, wife, partner or other person with whom they intend to sit. How can I make sure both are insured by THS? Should potential sitters make their two person status known in their profile? I typically don’t mind when it is a spouse or partner, but I don’t like being informed after I respond to the individual who’s applied that there’s a boyfriend/girlfriend etc.

And is there a special category for sitters who want to start bringing family or friends into an owners home (or conversely, for an owner to make it clear that extra people are not wanted to stay at my place during a sit)?

Thanks for clueing me in!

Hi @Jenny1 Welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for bringing your question. A sitters profile should be representative of their status whether they are a couple, single or a family with all members being included. Sometimes a couple will choose to sit solo but this should be clearly stated in their profile. Regarding insurance this will apply only to THS members who apply for and accepted on the sit, however I will tag @Therese-Moderator and she will clarify this when she is back online.

There is another conversations about bringing guests into the home Sitters asking for extra guests to stay during the sit

Arrangements for any sit need to be communicated in an open and honest way and only when everyone is 100% happy should the sit be confirmed.

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Hi @Jenny1. Great you have joined the forum. I am a single sitter on my profile but do include information about my sister who joins me on some sits. There are also photos of her with pets in our care. As she has completed 35 sits with me, she is also an experienced sitter. When applying for sits, I always begin by saying whether it is just me applying or the both of us.

In the discussion of insurance coverage, the THS terms of service gives the following definition:

‘‘Sitter(s)’’ means eligible individuals or families who have agreed to our terms and conditions who have organised to stay in a Home including individuals invited to be present at a Home by the Sitter(s) during a Sit.

Doesn’t that meant that sitters’ guests are also covered?


I’ve just had a little investigation. Our profile is entitled With my husbands name but when you view it’s both our names and starts “responsible, competent couple” so I don’t think anyone reading the profile would be in any doubt. Don’t know why it’s just his name on the first title. Someone might explain?

It should be clear to you always who is applying at the outset. I would take a look at the specifics of the insurance offered, though, before deciding that house sitter insurance (through the THS membership) is an important factor in choosing your sitter. Insurance, and the increased cost of membership, is a fairly new thing. We have decided that its scope is so limited as not to add value to us. We are still 5* sitters with over 40 sits (many quite long) and five years of experience, all without benefit of THS insurance.